How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S5?

“I was opening a document in the app Polaris Office (came with the Samsung Galaxy S5) when the app became unresponsive. (Note: Firefox was also running at the time. Ironically, I was researching backup apps.) The phone asked if I wanted to wait or kill the app. I tapped on Wait. The app then seemed to get closed by itself. Upon opening the app again I got a shock. The "recent docs" list was empty and the suite's internal file browser appeared to find nothing on the phone. Everything was gone, on both the "internal USB storage" and the external SD card. The "System Storage" (I assume for app data/installs) appears unaffected. I immediately stopped using the phone to avoid overwriting data. May I ask if anyone has a good idea for my next step? I have only been able to quickly find these two (below); as that phone is my primary internet device and I have very limited resources. If anyone has any experience with recovering data from phones, please share. Any help or ideas from anyone at all would be greatly appreciated.”

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the best and most awaited Smartphone that has been released by Samsung. This Smartphone has the ultimate features programmed in it, it also beats the likes of iPhone 5s on several grounds. Take for example; the camera which features 16Mega pixel as compared to iPhone’s 8 Mega pixel. With 16GB inbuilt storage capacity, this Samsung S5 can store huge amount of information without giving any trouble. But, at times some issues are faced that may lead to loss of precious data that was saved in your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone and reasons that cause loss of data from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone are:

  • Corrupt Memory Card: Your memory card present in Samsung Galaxy S5 may get damaged as a result of file system corruption or usage of memory card in different systems. Once the memory card gets corrupted, users won’t be able to access any information
  • Accidental Formatting: Accidental formatting is the worst disaster that can happen to any user. As soon as the format option is pressed, the entire set of files and folders that were present in your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone will be wiped out instantly
  • Other Causes: Shutting down the your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone during read / write process, abrupt removal of device from system when files are being previewed, virus infection, installation of unknown apps and many others

Losing your valuable photos, high end collection of music files and entire set of clips that were saved in Samsung Galaxy S5 is really frustrating. What makes matter worse is that when there is no backup of any of the lost data. There is no need to get upset! None of the files are permanently deleted or lost from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone; with the use of Yodot Android Data Recovery program, data can be retrieved easily.

Samsung Galaxy S5 file recovery tool:

Yodot Android Data Recovery tool is the best solution when it comes to recovering data that is deleted / lost from Samsung Galaxy S5 as a result of various scenarios as mentioned above. Using the best interactive interface and advanced list of options; this recovery program facilitates even a novice user to get back data (Photos, videos, music files, apk files, etc.) without further loss of information. Apart from recovering data from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone, users can also perform recovery of music files, pictures, videos, apk files and other files from different brands of Smartphones like Spice, LG, HTC, Micromax, Karbonn, Motorola and other Android Smartphone/Tablet brands. It is made sure that no matter which Windows operating system you use, Yodot Android Data Recovery can be installed without facing any trouble.

Simple steps to recover lost / deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone:

Note: You must make sure that the Samsung Galaxy S5 works on UMS mode, as this recovery tool supports Smartphone compatible with UMS mode.

  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery tool in the system
  • Connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to the system where the recovery product is installed
  • Run the program with the help of shortcut icon present on desktop
  • From the main screen of the tool, click on Deleted File Recovery or Lost File Recovery which ever option has resulted in loss of data from Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone
  • Once the option is selected, the application will take you to next screen where user can select the cell phone
  • Upon selection of the cell phone proceed to next screen where you can select the file types that have to be recovered and start the scanning process
  • As soon as the scanning process gets completed, user can view the recovered list of files on the basis of Data View or File Type View
  • At last, save the files to the desired destination location as applicable to host operating system user

Helpful Tips:

  • Regularly update your antivirus protection to prevent virus attacks on your Android phone
  • Avoid abrupt removal of Samsung Galaxy S5 from the system when read / write process is being carried out
  • Never install unknown applications in your Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone