Restore Data from Smartphone

Nowadays almost everyone has a Smartphone including normal mobile user, student, IT professional, businessman, etc. since it allows users to communicate and carry essential data due to its portability. Moreover, invention of Smartphone resulted in development of most popular mobile operating system i.e Android. Therefore, Smartphones made it easy to access internet facilities and many more applications at your hands. Though, it has plenty of pros there are some circumstances that lead to data loss or deletion from Smartphone.

Normally, after deleting files on Windows computer, they will move to Recycle Bin and allow you to restore deleted files and folders if necessary. However, this facility is not incorporated in Android Smartphone operating system. Therefore, accidental or unintentional deletion of files leads to complete removal of those files from Smartphone.

Let us considers some other reasons for data loss or deletion from Android Smartphone:

  • Formatting the Smartphone memory card when connected to system or on device
  • Accidentally selecting “Restore” option leads to loss of complete data saved in that Android phone by resetting it to factory settings
  • External threats like virus or malware attack on the Smartphone results to loss of its data
  • Using the Android Smartphone’s SD card on different devices might cause its corruption
  • Sudden power failure or ejecting the Smartphone while moving data from phone to computer

If you have faced the above scenarios, then no need to panic. It is possible to recover images, songs, videos, and other data from your Android Smartphone using any Android data recovery software. One of the most suggested applications to get back missing or erased data from Smartphone is Yodot Android Data Recovery.

Smartphone data recovery software:

Yodot Android Data Recovery is one of the finest applications to perform Smartphone data recovery on Windows system. The software is developed with advanced algorithms, so that it can recover data even from bricked or dead Android Smartphones. The best thing about this utility is that it can recover data from internal as well as external storage media of Smartphone. You can even rescue data from formatted and corrupted Smartphone’s SD card. The program retrieves different types of files from the Smartphone like music files, photo files, video clips, applications (.apk) and many more. Furthermore, this tool supports recovery of data from various Android Smartphone brands including Samsung, HTC, Acer, Sony, LG, Motorola, Micromax and many more.

Steps to perform Android phone Data Recovery:

  • Connect your Android Smartphone to a Windows computer / laptop
  • Download and install Yodot Android Data Recovery program on that system
  • Run the application and stick to the steps specified in each screen
  • Use “Deleted File Recovery” option to rescue deleted Smartphone data and use “Lost File Recovery” option to get back your lost data from Smartphone
  • The software detects your Smartphone device; choose the drive representing your Android Smartphone and click on “Next” button
  • Allow the tool to scan your Smartphone for few minutes to finish the process
  • Now the software shows all the lost and deleted data from your Android Smartphone
  • Mark the files and folders which you want to obtain back
  • Use Preview option to preview the picture files before saving
  • Finally, browse for the destination location to save your retrieved data on system or other storage devices. It is highly suggested not to save the rescued data on your Smartphone device which causes overwriting of data


  • The most important thing to do after data loss from Smartphone is to stop storing any new files to the that Android device
  • Backup most essential Smartphone data on other storage devices
  • Use authentic antivirus software, it will keep your Smartphone free from harmful bugs