Data Recovery from Sony Xperia Ray Smartphone

“I use my Sony Xperia Ray android Smartphone extensively; this Smartphone allows me to capture images, browse internet, install useful applications (.apk), record videos, and helps me listen to music. Owing to this phone has made me very popular among my friends. One day my best friend borrowed my Xperia Smartphone to capture images and when he returned it back, I found that all the files and folders which were present in my phones SD card were missing. Now I want to recover my data back, can anyone help?”

If you are one such Sony Xperia Ray user who is looking forward with a hope to restore valuable media files that are lost from your Android Smartphone, then don’t lose your patience. The files you lost or deleted can be retrieved back, because the Sony cell phones SD card is similar to a computer hard disk i.e. when you delete a file or folder  from these devices, it is not immediately erased. Only the pointers locating to the files are erased whereas the deleted files still remain on the SD card waiting to be recovered.

Note: In order to maximize the chances of recovery, it is highly recommended to stop using your Sony Xperia Ray cell phone after data loss mishap.

Usually file get loss from Sony Ray due to:

  • Erasing or deleting media files from Sony Xperia Ray phone by mistake
  • Formatting the SD card of your Sony phone accidentally when connected to PC
  • Using the same storage device (SD card) on different phone models or on computer with different operating system
  • Power failure while transferring files from Sony cell phone to computer
  • Corruption of Xperia Ray phone’s memory card due to virus infections
  • Performing “Restore” operation on the cell phone without taking data backup

Other than the above discussed scenarios, there are many other reasons for loss of files from Sony Xperia Ray Android Smartphone. Powerful android data recovery software will help you get back your lost data files.

Which Android recovery tool to use?

Yodot Android Data Recovery software is a great utility, which has potential to retrieve files from your Sony Xperia Ray Smartphone. No matter how you lost files, this recovery application will get back music, application (.apk) files, videos, images, documents and many other files from your Sony SD card. The best thing about software is that, it can even recover data from corrupted, damaged and formatted SD card in a secure manner. Other than Sony, this android data recovery application supports recovery of files from other android Smart phones like HTC, Dell, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Micromax etc.

Xperia Ray File Recovery using Yodot Android tool

Note: Make sure your cell works in USB Mass Storage (UMS) mode and as this product supports cell phones that have USB and it doesn’t work with MTP and PTP modes. So please check your Smartphone mode before using this application.

  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery application to your Windows computer
  • Connect your Sony Xperia Ray Smartphone and let the device get detected
  • Run the application by double clicking on the desktop icon or via start menu
  • Two options will be displayed on the main screen, “Deleted File Recovery” and “Lost File Recovery”
  • Choose the option based on your file loss scenario
  • Then application detects your connected mobile phone device and displays your Sony Ray drive
  • Select the drive from where your data was lost
  • The software repeats the scanning process and displays all the deleted and lost files from the device
  • Select the files which you want to recover
  • Lastly, save those recovered files to your desired destination location


  • Perform regular backup of your important Ray’s file on multiple storage devices like HD, CD or DVD
  • Always use precautionary measures like “Safely Remove Hardware” while ejecting the cell phone device
  • Install a good security application to regularly scan and remove viruses from your mobile phone
  • Use “write protect” knob to prevent accidental deletion or format from your memory card