Retrieve Data from Android Tablet SD Card

After the launch of Android operating system, billions of people around the world are using devices which run on Android OS. With this advanced yet easy to use and customizable OS from Google, Android users are blessed to enjoy number of Google apps on the Tablets and Smartphones. Android Tablets are the best replacement of desktop and laptop made to offer almost features and functionalities which you get with above devices. With this handy smart device, you can enjoy listening music capturing photos and videos; playing games and several applications available on Google App store. However, Tablets are not provided with much storage capacity as PC and laptops but one can expand its storage capacity with SD memory card. You can save thousands of files on your Tablet by extending it with SD card.

Unfortunately Tablet users can lose their favorite media files and apps while using SD card. Let’s have a look on following listed scenarios where Tablet users may experience data loss from SD card:

  • File deletion could be baleful when you accidentally end up deleting some valuable files from Tablet SD card while erasing unwanted files
  • If user is tempted to format SD card on Tablet with a format error message, it can result in severe data loss
  • Data loss can take place due to improper handling of Tablet SD card such as abrupt ejection of the card from Tablet or computer when it in use
  • If the Tablet’s internal memory or SD card is affected with dangerous viruses file residing on Tablet SD card may get deleted or inaccessible

Right solution to recover Tablet SD card

Since it’s all about your favorite media files and Android applications, you cannot compromise with such valuable stuff; therefore, select a right solution to restore data from Tablet SD card. Yodot Android Data Recovery is a wonderful utility to deal with data loss mishap occurred on Android storage devices such as Tablet and Smartphones SD card. You can employ this reliable tool to retrieve data that has lost or erased from Android Tablet SD card. It is a highly reviewed program to rescue media files including APK files from any formatted, corrupted, damaged or inaccessible SD card that is used to save data on Android Tablets and Smartphone. It works effectively on all latest Windows machines enabled with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, windows Server 2003 and 2008 OS.

Procedure to rescue data from Tablet SD card:

Note: Yodot Android Data Recovery tool supports data recovery from Android Tablet that works only in USB Mass Storage (UMS) mode; it doesn’t support MTP and PTP modes.

  • Connect your Tablet with SD card to a healthy Windows computer via USB Mass Storage mode and let the SD card get detected by computer
  • Download Yodot Android Data Recovery application on that system and complete the installation process
  • Launch the software to get on track to retrieve SD card files
  • From the main screen, select either “Lost File Recovery” or “Deleted File Recovery” option according data loss scenario
  • Now application scans and displays the storage devices on your Android Tablet
  • Select the SD card and click next to let software start scanning of the card
  • Once the scanning is done, all retrievable files will be displayed under Data view or File Type view
  • Toggle between the both view options and go through recovered data
  • Finally you can mark all files which you wish to save and specify the destination location on system hard drive or on any other external storage drive (except that the same SD card) and save restored files

Useful Tips!

  • Keep scanning your Tablet SD card regularly with a trusted anti-virus program
  • Do not format SD card unless you save important data from SD card to other storage device as backup
  • Avoid using the same SD card with many media gadgets and install only authenticated apps to your Android Tablet