Repair Audio Lag in AVI Files

“Hi, everyone yesterday I have downloaded many videos of AVI format. Soon after that I started to watch them; the video was fine, but the problem was with its audio. It happens that by the time video is finished the audio is mile away, means there is no synchronization between audio and video frames. I have tried to fix the issue by modifying codecs and waveout time, but now the audio delay in AVI file became more. It looks like my problem will never end. Please anyone who knows how to fix audio problem in AVI file suggest me the relevant way.”

In daily basis many users post these kind of scenarios in forums and blogs. For such users, here will be the appropriate solution. First of all one should know the root cause for this issue, because it will help in fixing AVI file problem easily. Let us discuss primary causes for audio lag on in AVI file as given below:

  • Extra processor time: For every operation you perform in system, it requires specified amount of processor time. If processor takes more time to render video frames with audio frames while playing AVI file, then you may face audio delay in AVI video
  • Bad rendering at the time of creation: While creating AVI files on certain devices, if you set different audio and video frame rates, then it will tend to result audio lag in AVI file

In order to resolve the audio lag issue in AVI file set same frame rates, speed up your process and make sure you have installed latest drives for your sound card. In case, you are unable to fix the audio lag problem by applying these instructions, then AVI file may get corrupted due to some logical errors. Let us consider some reasons for audio delay in AVI files:

  • External threats: Viruses / malwares / spyware etc creates problem like audio lag in healthy AVI file; because these harmful threats might alter or modify the internal structure of the AVI file
  • Header corruption: Header of AVI file contains relevant information related to that video file. If header of AVI file is modified due to some logical errors, then there is a mismatch between audio and video frames
  • Incompatible media player: If you try to play AVI file in inappropriate player, then there are more chances of getting audio lag in AVI file

If you struggling to repair sound delay/lag in AVI video file, then the problem can be solved with the help of relevant AVI file repair program like Yodot AVI Repair.

AVI file repair tool to fix audio delay on AVI file:

Yodot AVI Repair software is used to fix the sound lag in AVI video file on Windows system. This efficient video file repair program can proficiently repair audio problem in AVI file of any size. Its simple interface makes it easy to fix the corrupted / damaged AVI files without the need of much technical information. Along with AVI files, you can mend audio lag on DIVX and XVID video files. This repair utility works well with various versions of Windows (Windows 8,7,XP, Vista, Sever 2003 & 2008) as well as Mac (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion & Mountain Lion) operating systems.

Steps to fix audio lag on AVI file:

  • Download the Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your Windows system
  • Later run the application and follow the main screen instructions
  • Choose the “Browse” option to select the affected AVI file that has been repaired and then click on “Repair” button to initiate the repair process
  • The application will scan and fix audio delay problem in AVI file efficiently
  • Once repair process fulfilled, then it will show the AVI file description
  • You can preview the repaired AVI file by using “Preview Repaired file” option
  • Save fixed AVI audio file to your desired location by clicking on “Save Repaired file” option


  • Keep multiple copies of your favorite videos in AVI file format
  • Repair AVI files as soon as you find any abnormal behavior in it
  • Keep your system free from viruses using quality anti-virus software