How to Fix AVI File Extension Error?

“This is just bizarre. I created a project last night and had saved it in AVI file format. I changed nothing that I am aware of. As I tried to view it in morning I got error message ‘AVI file extension error cannot open your AVI file. Could it be a codec issue?’ I even reinstalled the AVI application hoping something would default back to what it was. But, it remains the same; I cannot get back what I had been working on for so long. HELP, please? I am not a complete newbie but this one is beyond my level; thanks to anyone who can help.”

As we all know AVI is a multimedia file container format that is developed by Microsoft for Windows operating system. These AVI files store video files that may be encrypted in different codecs and hence can be played using various media players. User may encounter file extension error while accessing AVI file due to certain reasons as mentioned below:

  • Power Surge: At times sudden loss of power when your AVI file is playing in media player can lead to corruption of AVI file generating file extension error
  • Virus Infection: Once your system is infected with viruses, all the files present in your hard drive may get corrupted including your AVI files that may result in AVI file extension error
  • File System Corruption: File system of storage drive may get corrupt due to various reasons, which leaves files stored on it in inaccessible state including AVI files
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sectors on hard drive can damage the application as well as the AVI files that are saved on it, generating file extension or other errors when tried to play them

As the above mentioned scenarios may occur at any point of time, it is recommended to maintain backup of your valuable AVI files on safe storage drive. If there is no backup of AVI files is available on your system, you need to make use of Yodot AVI Repair program to fix AVI file extension error on Windows as well as Mac machines respectively.

Need a way out of AVI file extension Error?

The best option that can be chosen to fix AVI file extension error is to make use of Yodot AVI Repair utility that can solve your issue soon. Including AVI file extension error, this AVI repair program can also fix codec error in AVI file, index error, CRC error and other errors that gets generated due to various reasons. Moreover, users can also mend damaged or unplayable DIVX and XVID video files by using this tool. To make this utility work on different operating systems we have designed it for various Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) and Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion) operating systems that are majorly used among today’s generation. This repair software is simple to use as it is equipped with simple wizard that makes sure even a non-technical user can use this application without facing any issues.

Guidelines to fix extension error in AVI file:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair application in your computer / laptop
  • When the installation process gets completed, user can view shortcut icon on desktop
  • Run the utility and then cluck on the options that are provided on the main screen of the software
  • Hit on Browse button to select the AVI file that shows file extension error
  • After selecting the AVI file, proceed to repairing process by clicking on Repair button
  • Repair progress can be viewed in the next window with the help of progress bar
  • Upon completion of the repair process, user can preview repaired AVI file
  • Once the AVI file has been previewed, save it to safer destination location

Things to Remember:

  • Avoid installation of unknown applications in your system
  • Always backup important AVI files on distinct storage media
  • Make sure your AVI file is not being played when you shut-down your system