Fix AVI Video Which Refuse to open on Windows Movie Maker

“I have edited an AVI video of my marriage using Windows Movie Maker software. I really like this application as it had helped me a lot to edit the video in a well-organized manner. But yesterday while watching AVI video on Windows Movie Maker; it crashed all of a sudden. When I restarted to play the AVI file, it denied opening in Windows movie maker application. I have backup of original AVI file but the edited one was very good and it took so many days to edit it on Windows movie maker. I don’t think I can edit it the same way I have done before. Please someone help me fix my problem?”

Windows Movie Maker is the free movie-editing software that comes with Windows operating system. It is a part of Windows Essentials software suite that facilitates the ability to create and edit videos as well as publish them on various social network sites. Using this utility, video clip can be duplicated, repositioned, split and also you can add titles, effects and transitions for quickly creating movies. While it is useful tool for basic video editing, it is somewhat limited in its capacity. One of the disadvantage of this tool is it can crash at any time leaving the AVI file in a corrupted state.

Few other reasons responsible for unplayable AVI file on Windows Movie Maker:

  • Improper Termination: After finishing editing work on Windows Movie Maker, it is suggested to click on “File” and then ”Exit” option to safeguard it. But some users directly close Windows Movie Maker without following this method. In such situation, AVI file will be corrupted
  • Virus Attack: Soon after publishing AVI file on social network site, you should scan your computer with antivirus software to eliminate viruses that has entered due to activating internet. If you avoid it then viruses may spread widely and damage AVI file
  • Power Failure: If the process of editing or viewing AVI file in Windows Movie Maker is terminated due to power failure then AVI file may fail to open and display error messages
  • Forceful Shutdown: When Windows computer is shut down forcefully even though AVI file is open in Windows Movie Maker then AVI file becomes corrupted and refuse to play

To resolve all these problems and get your AVI file repaired, it is advised to download AVI repair software on your Windows computer. Yodot AVI Repair can be considered as the best AVI repair program if you want to fix AVI file which is not playing in Windows Movie Maker. This software provides array of features such as preview option, providing demo version before purchase, easy to use interface and so on has made it as the best AVI repair software. Even though its name indicates that it is AVI repair software, it has the potential to fix other two popular video formats such as XVID and DIVX on both Windows and Mac computer. It does not consume more time and hence assists in repairing AVI file efficiently.

Procedure to repair AVI files not playing in Windows Movie Maker:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair software from the website and install the application on your Windows
  • Follow the simple instruction shown on the main screen
  • Choose your corrupt AVI file which is to be repaired using “Browse” option
  • Once selected click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • You can monitor the repair process by looking at the progress bar
  • After repair completion the software displays the video file description
  • The utility also allows you to preview the repaired video file before saving
  • Finally, save your repaired AVI file to the location that you want on your system

How to Reduce AVI File corruption?

  • Never keep Windows Movie Maker open at the time of shutting down your system
  • Always use “Exit” option while closing Windows Movie Maker application