Repair AVI Files That Won't Play In QuickTime On Mac

“My internet pack got completed when I had just downloaded a new movie in AVI file format. After completion of the download process, I tried to play the video file and it showed some errors. I was not able to play the video using QuickTime player; I tried accessing AVI video using different third party application (media players) but I was not able to preview them. Why is my AVI file not playing in QuickTime? How can I make it playable again on QuickTime?”

If you have been a victim of the above case situation, then just calm yourself. Do not get upset! Corruption of the video file is common nowadays and that might have occurred as a result of incomplete download or due to break down of internet connection. The video file can be effectively repaired and can be previewed easily by using AVI repair application.

Why Do Some AVI Files Not Play On QuickTime Player?

  • Virus infection is one of the main reasons that corrupts AVI files present on respective Mac volume or storage drive partition making them inaccessible
  • Errors while transferring AVI files from Mac computer to external storage media or vice versa can lead to AVI file corruption making them unplayable
  • Abrupt halt in the download process of AVI files due to bad internet connection can severely damage AVI file as a result CRC errors
  • Involvement of incompatible third party applications while accessing the AVI clips can cause serious errors due to which they won’t play in QuickTime
  • There is a possibility that the AVI file may get corrupted when there is an increase in the number of bad sectors on a respective drive

Take a glance at AVI Repair application

In order to fix AVI file that will not play in QuickTime player, you need a good AVI file repair utility. Yodot AVI Repair is the best application which is developed in particular to securely repair AVI files that are not playable in QuickTime Media Player. With the inclusion of powerful repair algorithms, the user can easily fix the AVI files and make them playable again on QuickTime or other media players. All the options of this AVI repair tool are presented in an orderly manner which assists in completing the repair process without any interruptions. On completion of the repair process, the user can preview the repaired AVI file and save it to the known destination location as available to host Mac operating system. Along with AVI file, the different video formats repaired by this AVI file repair application are DIVX and XVID. It supports video file repair on Mac desktops and notebooks that run on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems.

Follow the simple steps to fix AVI files that will not play in QuickTime:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair tool in the system by logging in local system administrator
  • Upon the completion of installation process, you can see the shortcut icon present on Desktop
  • Launch the application by using shortcut icon and follow the instructions that are provided on main screen
  • Browse for corrupt AVI file by using the respective button
  • The next thing to do is to select an healthy AVI file via the option provided
  • After selecting the file click on Repair button, which begins the Repair process
  • As soon as the repair process gets completed, you can preview the repaired AVI file contents and then save them accordingly

Helpful Tips:

  • Always save the AVI files on other source of external hard drive
  • Install best antivirus application in the system to prevent virus infection
  • Always open the AVI files with compatible third party applications