Fix AVI Files Not Playing in Windows Media Player

I have an AVI video that won’t play on my Windows Media Player; I’m able to play all other video file formats except AVI. When I try to play AVI file, it displays an error message like: “Windows Media Player cannot play this file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file”. Any idea on how I can fix this? The AVI videos are episodes of my favorite anime series.

People often encounter this problem while playing their AVI files on Windows Media Player, although Windows Media Player claims that it supports playing of AVI files. But most of the versions don’t play these files, the problems usually occurs if Windows Media Player lacks the proper AVI compressor / decompressor codec’s. However no need to worry! This article guides you to solve the problem and also help you in playing AVI files on Windows Media Player

There are two prominent reasons due to which your AVI file won’t play on Windows Media Player (WMP), one is as said before the player doesn’t have suitable codec’s or you need to change the settings in WMP. The second reason is that your AVI file is itself corrupt or damaged

You can solve the first problem, by either downloading the suitable codec’s which helps you play your AVI files or just change the settings in media player by going to Tools---> Options ---> File Types ---> Click “Select All” button. However for the second problem you need to repair your corrupt / damaged AVI file using a good AVI Repair program. But before going into the repair procedure let us have a look at some of the common causes behind AVI file corruption

Why do AVI files not play on Windows Media Player?

  • Broken Download: Sometimes if there is any interruption while downloading your AVI file, then it results in broken download due to which your AVI video gets corrupt and refuse to open
  • Header File Damage: The Header file of AVI video stores details regarding the files date of creation, modification date, file size, type etc. If this header of your AVI file gets corrupt as consequence of certain errors while recording or due to infected firmware then it results in AVI video file corruption
  • Malware Infection: Virus infection to your Windows system from sources like internet or some other portable device cause corruption of your AVI files resulting in damage and inaccessibility
  • Transfer Error: If your AVI file’s transfer process gets interrupted due to reasons like power failure, improper system shutdown, hard drive crash etc then also your AVI files become corrupt and unplayable

Tool to fix AVI files do not play in WMP:

Yodot AVI Repair is a well known repair utility that helps you repair AVI file that won’t play on your Windows Media Player. The application repairs AVI video corruption caused due to any reason explained above, although the tool is named AVI repair but it also mends other video file types like DIVX and XVID. The application has the capability to repair AVI file recorded or stored on any storage drives such as hard disk drive, camcorder, camera, pen drives, iPods, mobile phones and many more.

Procedure to repair AVI Videos on Windows OS:

  • Download the software and install it on your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Open the application and follow the on screen instructions
  • Select your corrupt AVI file which you want to repair using “Browse” option
  • After selection, click on “Repair” button to initiate the repair process
  • The repair process is displayed on the progress bar
  • After completion the tool displays your AVI video file description
  • You can preview the repaired AVI video file before saving
  • At last, save your repaired AVI file to your desired destination location


  • Don’t play your AVI files on incompatible media players
  • Avoid interruption while transferring AVI videos from one storage to another