Repair AVI Movies

“I downloaded the latest movie in AVI video format, but it is not playing in AVI media player. I also downloaded ‘Media Player Classic’ and other media players on my system, but still no use. I cannot find any way to play that AVI movie. Can I get a proper approach for fixing AVI movie and playing it without damaging the file?”

AVI is the most widely used video format when it comes to recording or viewing movies. This movie file format is compatible with almost all media players and the best-known feature about this movie file format is that it can be used without installing any codec.

However, sometimes various problems are encountered when AVI movies are being played in the system. An AVI movie may refuse to open or play due to various factors.

Causes That Damage, Corrupt/Generate Errors When Playing AVI Movies:

  • AVI movies that are recorded on storage media with low memory space can result in AVI movie file corruption
  • A sudden power surge or system shutdown can damage the codec which in-turn results in AVI movie corruption
  • Number of bad sectors on the hard drive can cause damage to AVI movies that are saved on the storage device
  • File system corruption or virus infection on storage media where AVI movies are saved can damage them, which might show error message upon trying to open
  • Playing AVI files on incompatible players
  • Damage to AVI movie header
  • Interruptions while converting AVI movies
  • Using unreliable video converter, data recovery or editing tools

What to do when AVI movie has been damaged or refuses to play due to any of the above-listed causes? Don't regret; you can repair corrupted AVI file using two easy methods explained here.

How to Repair AVI Movies?

Method 1: Open VLC media player, go to Tools and select Preferences. Select Input or Codecs and click on Save button (Preferences window). Select Always Fix from the drop-down option of Damaged or incomplete AVI file.

Play AVI movies using VLC media player now.

Method 2: Use professional AVI movie repair tool to repair your AVI files.

AVI Movie Repair Software:

Yodot AVI Repair is an easy-to-use software that can successfully repair corrupted, unplayable or damaged AVI movie. You can effectively overcome those annoying times where in your broken AVI file just refuses to play, with the use of a simple list of options present in this AVI video repair software without modifying your original file content. Intense digital video repair procedure is included, so this AVI repair software can resolve any problem in your damaged or broken AVI file and make the AVI video playable again in just 3 steps. Other than AVI movies, it is possible to fix XVID movie not playing as well as DIVX movies that show errors or fails to play due to movie file corruption on both Windows and Mac system. To fix AVI movie file on different operating systems, it is designed for various Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) operating systems and all latest Mac OS X including Sierra.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Repair AVI Movies:

Step 1: Launch Yodot AVI Repair software, select the AVI movie file by clicking on the Browse option. Click on the Repair button to start the AVI movie repair process.

Step 2: After a quick scan, the software allows you to Preview the repaired AVI file.

Step 3: Save your repaired AVI video files on a safe location.

Tips to Protect your AVI Movies:

  • Keep backup of important AVI movies on a separate accessible storage device
  • Secure your system with proper antivirus protection to prevent virus attacks on PC
  • Avoid using unknown applications to work on or play AVI movies, as it can damage your video files