Repair When AVI not Playing in Premiere Pro

“I have downloaded few videos and movies of AVI file formats from internet. All files were successfully downloaded but when I tried to open them on Premiere Pro, it refused to play and displayed an error message stating as 'AVI cannot play. However, those files are not playing in any of the media player on Windows system. Does anyone have clue how to fix not playing AVI files on computer? If yes then please suggest me any good solution!!! Thanks a lot…”

Premiere Pro is video editing application which has been introduced by Creative Cloud. User can edit many number of videos utilizing Premiere Pro software as it supports variety of video and audio file format on both Windows and Mac computer. It is built with numerous advanced features which can give you perfect videos that has been edited with Premiere Pro. The features found in it are auto save to cloud, faster editing work flow, masking and tracking, live text templates and much more. Editing video files is fun, if they are free from errors that occur on videos while using Premiere Pro. However, sometimes video files edited on Premiere Pro may get corrupt and refuse to play it by showing an error message as AVI not playing.

Scenarios where you encounter AVI not playing error:

  • Incorrect download process of AVI file can make it to play only audio but not video on Premiere Pro that result in AVI not playing error
  • Increase in bad sectors on hard drive can corrupt AVI file saved in it making AVI file unplayable
  • Software conflicts in computer might damage AVI files making it not to play in Premiere Pro installed on system
  • Suddenly closing Premiere Pro software while using AVI video could damage index of AVI file
  • Accidentally shutting down the system due to power surge can sometimes make unplayable AVI videos on Premiere Pro
  • Virus infection on system hard drive may corrupt AVI file making them unplayable in Premiere Pro

Whatever may be the reason for not playing AVI file in Premiere Pro, by using reliable AVI repair tool, user can easily resolve unplayable AVI videos with less period of time.

Glance on AVI repair utility:

Yodot AVI Repair is reliable tool to fix AVI file not playing in Premiere Pro on both Windows and Mac platform. Along with Premiere Pro, you can fix AVI files that do not play on other media players like Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime, WMP, MX player DIVX player and many more. Apart from AVI files, this tool is designed to repair XVID and DIVX video files. Addition to AVI not playing in Premiere Pro, you can repair CRC error in AVI file, AVI file not playing in WMP, corrupt AVI header and so on. It is compatible on Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 operating systems. This app also supports on Mac machines running with Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite OS X versions.

Steps to AVI file not playing in Premiere Pro:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair software on Windows desktop
  • Launch the software and follow guidelines shown on screen
  • Select your corrupt AVI file which has to be repaired by using 'Browse' option
  • Upon selection, click on 'Repair' button to initiate the repair process
  • Now you can monitor scanning process by progress bar
  • After completion of repair process, tool will display AVI file description
  • Then software will allow you to preview repaired AVI files prior saving
  • At last, you can save your fixed AVI file to desired location on your system

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Download and install a powerful anti-virus program to avoid virus attack
  • Never remove external storage device while transferring process is on
  • Its better to have back up of your important AVI files on reliable storage device