How to Repair Broken AVI File of HyperCam?

The latest apps available in today’s computer are absolutely outstanding. One such advanced and eye catching application of Windows system is HyperCam. This tool captures ongoing actions on Windows system and save the recordings in .avi format. Using HyperCam you can keep track on how to accomplish particular task. The software is mainly useful in creating software presentations, video walkthroughs, tutorials and others.

However, you may possibly face problems with HyperCam AVI files sometimes or you cannot play valuable HyperCam AVI files. The major problem here is corrupt or broken HyperCam AVI files. The broken HyperCam AVI file problem is quite common. There are many reasons for broken HyperCam AVI files, let us discuss some of them:

  • Harmful virus attack: Your system might get infect by dangerous viruses due to unsecure network or using virus infected external storage devices and corrupts files saved on hard disk including HyperCam AVI files
  • Storage device corruption: Your HyperCam AVI video files become inaccessible when storage device containing them is damaged due to file system corruption. If you try to access HyperCam AVI files from damaged storage media, then system will display error messages
  • Abrupt system shutdown: While playing HyperCam AVI files, if your computer turnoffs suddenly due to power outage, then it might results in breakage of HyperCam AVI files
  • Poor installation: Due to poor installation of HyperCam tool, you might find some logical errors; in such situations there is a possibility for header corruption of AVI video file that turns into broken HyperCam AVI files

In case you have lost access to essential HyperCam AVI files, then don’t worry!!! You can go for better resource to fix broken HyperCam AVI file such as Yodot AVI Repair software.

HyperCam AVI repair software:

Yodot AVI Repair tool is developed with advanced algorithms, which easily fix the broken HyperCam AVI files on Windows system. It has convenient and clear graphical user interface to make users comfortable to repair severely broken HyperCam AVI files within few mouse clicks. The software scans the completely broken HyperCam AVI file and fixes issues spontaneously. Along with HyperCam AVI file, this utility renovates .divx and .xvid video files. Along with system hard drive, you can mend corrupt HyperCam AVI files stored on memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives and other storage devices. This application is flexible with Windows (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008) as well as Mac (Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, and Mac OS X 10.8) operating systems.

Simple steps to repair broken HyperCam AVI files:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair program and install it to your Windows system
  • Ste up the tool by logging as a system admin and track the main screen instructions
  • Browse for the HyperCam broken AVI file that you have to fix
  • Then click on “Repair” button to initiate the affected AVI repair process
  • You can estimate the broken HyperCam AVI file repair procedure by looking at status bar
  • Once repair process gets finished the application displays the HyperCam AVI file along with its description
  • After that one can preview the renovated HyperCam AVI video file by using “Preview repaired file” option
  • Finally, save your fixed HyperCam AVI file to desired location by using “Save repaired file” button

Preventive tips:

  • Taking backup for HyperCam AVI file is the foremost thing that every user should follow
  • The basic security measure is installing authentic anti-virus software in your system to avoid harmful virus attack
  • If you don’t have proper idea about how to fix broken HyperCam AVI file, then don’t proceed further with inappropriate solution