How to Fix Broken XVID Files?

“My friend had sent me an important video file in .xvid format over network. I downloaded the file completely and double clicked on the XVID file to play the video. But unfortunately, the file was not in a state to play. It displayed an error message stating that this file is broken and hence cannot be played. What should I do to play this broken XVID video file again?”

XVID is a video file format that can be played on various kinds of multimedia players on your desktop and a competitor of DIVX video file format. This video file format is popularly utilized for saving video files because XVID files provides high quality of video and requires very small memory space. It is a very good container of video files and hence many users use this video codec to save and transfer video files over internet. However, users face many problems while trying to play XVID videos as the files can be broken due to numerous reasons.

Given below are the reasons that cause broken XVID videos:

  • XVID video files can be damaged if any interruptions occur when it is being transferred over internet or from one storage media to other due to loss of network connectivity or improper connectivity between storage devices
  • When any harmful viruses like Trojan Horse, etc. infect XVID video files, then it becomes corrupt and errors out when tried to open video
  • XVID file may be broken due to Xvidcore.dll file corruption which is responsible for playing these video files
  • Additionally, terminating media player when XVID file is being played, corruption of XVID video file header, software conflicts in XVID codec, CRC errors, power fluctuations while playing XVID video, etc. also result in broken XVID file

When users encounter these scenarios, XVID videos becomes unplayable as they are broken and you cannot play such video files.

How to repair XVID video files that are broken?

You can play broken XVID video files if you make use of good third party video file repair utility. There are plenty of video file repair tools available to repair and fix corrupt as well as broken XVID files. One such advanced repair utility is Yodot AVI Repair. This tool can efficiently fix broken XVID video files without altering its content as it follow read-only repair process. This tool repairs corrupt XVID files including DIVX and AVI video formats. In no time the repaired XVID file will be at your finger tips that were damaged due to numerous reasons. Also, the software supports to repair video files stored on different flash memory cards, USB drives, external hard disks, hard drives, iPods, iTunes, etc.

Procedural steps to repair broken XVID video:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair tool on your system in which broken XVID video file is saved
  • Install and launch the utility with the help of given instructions
  • Now, select your required XVID video file to repair using Browse option and click on ‘Repair’ button
  • The software starts to repair XVID video file and displays status of file repair process in status bar
  • Repaired XCID video file will be displayed along its entire information like file size, codec, etc.
  • You can preview this repaired XVID file using Preview option
  • Or you can just save the this new XVID video by clicking ‘Save’ button
  • After saving, XVID file is ready to play on your multimedia player

Valuable Tips:

  • Perform complete download / transfer of files over network
  • Maintain good antivirus software to avoid harmful viruses infection
  • Follow the proper format for exiting the application once the video has been completely viewed

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