Fix Corrupted DIVX and AVI Videos

“Plenty of videos recorded in my camera and camcorder devices were saved in DIVX and AVI file format on my memory card. Recently, I transferred those video clips from memory card to my Windows laptop. However, when I tried to play those DIVX and AVI files, respective video player displayed that opened AVI or DIVX file is corrupt and I forced to close these erroneous video files. Are my DIVX and AVI video files are really corrupted? Anyone suggest me some relevant solution to make my AVI and DVIX files playable again. Thanks in advance.”

Similarly, many users face troubles with recorded DVIX and AVI video files in digicams, video camera / camcorders, mobile phones, iPhones and other devices while playing in Windows or Mac systems. DIVX and AVI video file corruption is major reason for this kind of problems, some general causes for DIVX and AVI file corruption are:

  • Recording DIVX / AVI video when any digital gadget’s storage memory is full
  • Low battery issues when camera or device recording AVI or DIVX videos
  • Interruptions while moving DIVX and AVI files from one device to another
  • Sudden switching of digital device while playing DIVX and AVI files can cause its header corruption
  • Corruption to storage device that is holding plenty of DIVX and AVI video clips
  • Malicious spyware or virus infection to AVI and DIVX video files
  • DIVX and AVI file corruption due to broken download or CRC error and many more reasons

AVI and DIVX repair tool:

However, don’t worry if your favorite DIVX and AVI video files got corrupted due to any of above specified causes. Video file repair tool like Yodot AVI Repair will help you in this type of circumstances. This software provides professional way to fix corrupt DIVX and AVI video files on both Windows and Mac computers. Other than AVI and DIVX video files, this application can also fix XVID video file that becomes unplayable because of several reasons. This utility can thoroughly scan and successfully fix video / audio streams of broken or corrupt DIVX, AVI and XVID video files on Windows (8.1, 8, 7, 2003, 2008, XP and Vista) and Mac (Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks) operating systems.

Simple steps to repair corrupted AVI and DIVX videos:

Note: While repairing DIVX and AVI files, browse each video file at a time to fix corruption issues.

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair application from website and install it to Windows computer
  • Launch the tool and stick to on-screen guidelines
  • From first screen, browse for corrupt DIVX or AVI file which is to be fixed
  • Then click on “Repair” button to start repair process
  • Observe the repair process by looking at progress bar
  • After repair procedure get over, this application shows repaired DIVX or AVI file description
  • View fixed video file by using “Preview” button
  • Finally save repaired AVI or DIVX file by specifying desired destination location on PC

Things to Remember:

  • Never disconnect removable device from PC while transferring AVI and DIVX video file to it
  • Use a good download manager tool and internet facility to prevent DIVX and AVI files corruption due to truncated downloads
  • Install and regularly update antivirus application in system to remove viruses or Trojans causing corruption to AVI and DIVX files

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