Repair AVI File in Windows XP

“My AVI video file that I created using video editing tool is not playing on my Windows XP system. I tried playing the video in various multimedia players on XP system, but nowhere the video played. Is there any possible method to fix AVI file on Windows XP? Please help by suggesting good solution. Thanks in advance.”

AVI video file format is the most excellent container format to hold video information on any computer. It saves both video and audio data in two streams that gets synced when file is made to play. In Windows XP, one can play AVI files in VLC, WMP and other popular media players without any trouble. But, AVI video may fail to play in Windows XP due to vast reasons and some of the commonly seen causes for unplayable AVI videos on Windows XP are:

  • Codec error: If Windows XP system is installed with wrong Codec, then AVI file won’t play in any media player due to absence of proper Codec on system
  • Compatibility issue: If AVI files are tried to play in incompatible media players or video editors on Windows XP, then it may get corrupt and stops to play
  • AVI file transfer/ download errors: Interrupted AVI file transfer from Windows XP to other storage devices; incomplete download of AVI file from online sites due to system shutdown or power loss will damage that AVI file being processed
  • Use of third party tools: Making use of inappropriate video editing tools or ineffective media players to play / edit AVI files can severely damage the video file
  • Other issues: Presence of bad sectors in the hard drive memory on Windows XP where AVI files are saved; malfunctioning of media player on which AVI file is tried to play due to incorrect software update, AVI header corruption, etc. will make AVI files unplayable on Windows XP

AVI file repair tool for Windows XP:

One can lose accessibility to AVI videos on Windows XP computer due to any of the above reasons. In order to resolve this issue, one should rely upon good AVI file repair like Yodot AVI Repair software. This utility can easily fix AVI as well as DivX and XviD video formats on Windows XP after video file corruption or damage. It involves one click repair process to mend AVI videos after CRC error, header corruption, invalid video format error, etc., without any hassle. Along with Windows XP, this utility can be used on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, 8, Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers/laptops. This AVI file repair software has alternate version that can be used to perform AVI file repair on Mac desktops and MacBooks running with Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS X versions.

Follow these simple steps to use AVI file repair tool on Windows XP:

  • Download Windows version of the software on to your Windows XP system
  • Install the program completely and run it
  • When main screen displays, hit ‘Browse’ button to choose damaged AVI file from Windows XP drive
  • After selecting AVI video file that has to be fixed click on ‘Repair’ button
  • Software scans selected AVI file, fixes all its errors and makes it playable again
  • Next, view the repaired AVI video using Preview button
  • Then save it to new destination location on system drive or other external devices

Important Notes:

  • Avoid editing AVI files using inefficient / unknown video editing tools
  • Install Windows XP with correct Codec before trying to play any AVI file
  • It is suggested to carry one or more copies of essential AVI video files before editing or performing other activities with those files