How to Fix DivX File Index?

“Does anybody know how to repair broken index in DivX files? I faced trouble while converting from DIVX to XVID video file format; now it seems that the DIVX index been broken. When I play the DivX video on VLC media player it pops up a message stating that file is broken, do you need to fix it? I click on Yes button and the repairing process gets completed and then the video is being played. This is the same process that has to be carried out every time I have to play the file. How to permanently fix this repairing? I have an urgent task that needs to be completed that requires the DIVX file to be played. If anyone knows about how to perform the DIVX index repair process please let me know! Thanks in advance!”

DivX is the video file format that was created by DivX Inc. This is one of the most popular video file formats when it comes to size and quality of videos that are being played. What it actually means is that you can decrease upto 80 % of the actual file size without causing any damage to the video quality. But, due to some human errors while performing file conversion process, the DivX index gets corrupted leading as a result of which the video becomes unplayable. Discussed below are some of the human errors and other scenarios that lead to corruption of DivX files:

  • Abruptly removing the external storage media when file sharing process is being carried out
  • Presence of virus of bad sectors on the hard drive can also cause damage to the DivX file, making them in accessible
  • Use of incompatible media players to play your DivX file has bad effect on the DivX file
  • Improper file conversion techniques can cause serious errors on your DivX file

Index of DivX file getting corrupted is a normal issue in the computing world. Worrying comes naturally! But as the saying goes worrying about something will only increase your problems not decrease them. So, snap out of it and make use of relevant third party application that can fix the damaged DivX index file effectively. The most recommended one by most of the computer experts is Yodot AVI Repair program.

Why Yodot AVI Repair the most recommended repair utility for fixing corrupt or damaged DivX index? This is because the repair software has been included with top most repair options that will assist you to overcome even the rarest scenarios that have caused damage to the DivX index. Apart from that this utility has the best interactive user interface that makes sure that each and every user can use this application without facing any drawbacks. This AVI repair program is also included with options to repair XVID and AVI files without much difficulty. Trouble free installation process can be carried out for both Mac as well as Windows operating system users. If any doubts arise during the repair process, we always have our technical teams to help out at any point of time.

Follow the simple steps to fix DivX index:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair tool in the system
  • Run the program and follow the simple steps that are provided on the main screen of the application
  • Hit on the Browse button to select the damaged DivX file
  • Once the has been selected, click on Repair button that will start the repair process
  • User can view the repair progress with the help progress bar in the next screen
  • Upon completion of the repair process user is provided with options to Preview or Save the DivX file
  • Preview the contents of fixed DivX file prior to saving it on relevant destination location applicable to host operating system user

Safety Tips:

  • Avoid using unknown media players to play your DivX file
  • Maintain multiple copies of important data in separate external hard drive
  • Save the repaired file to different destination location from where it was repaired

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