Fix AVI Files in Sony Vegas

Users are aware of the fact that AVI is the frequently used video format to save movies and video clippings on Windows system. This video file format consisting of two separate streams audio and video that can be played on Windows Media Player (WMP), VLC and many more applications. There are many applications that can create AVI files like MATLAB, VirtualDub and Sony Vegas is one among those popular ones.

About Sony Vegas:

Sony Vegas also called Vegas pro is a professional video editing application introduced to assist users for creating excellent video / audio files. It was basically developed to work only on Microsoft Windows Vista and XP OS based computers and now, it can be used on all other later versions of Windows OS. Sony Vegas provides exceptional features like multi-camera video editing tools, real-time multi track video and audio editing, advanced compositing tools, DVD/Blu-ray Disc authoring, resolution independent video sequencing, complex effects, capability to open multiple instances of the application and so on. This application has many versions with 32-bit and 64-bit for particular versions of Windows OS. More than audio production, this application is used to create and edit video file formats.

To play AVI file on Sony Vegas, the file should posses correct codec, else it may fail to play. Usually, an AVI file will have FourCC code embedded within it that can be either mp41, mp42, mp43, Xvid, Divx and others. However, Sony Vegas supports to play AVI files only with Divx FourCC code. Thus, one may face problems while trying to play AVI file on Sony Vegas.

Simple ways to fix unplayable AVI files on Sony Vegas:

  • Try changing the FourCC code description of AVI to ‘Divx’ – Download good AVI FourCC changer software like -> Run the software -> After extracting its files double click on avic - > a window called ‘AVI FourCC Code Changer’ gets displayed -> Click on open and select the AVI whose code has to be changed -> Change the code to DivX and click apply.
  • Update aviplug.dll file – Quit Vegas if opened -> Rename the present .dll file as aviplug_old.dll -> Copy downloaded version of aviplug.dll to same folder -> Restart Vegas
  • Convert AVI file to Sony Vegas compatible video format - Before importing the AVI file, convert it to other video format like .wmv with which Vegas is compatible and then import the file. For this, you can make use of AVI video converter applications.

If the above mentioned solutions cannot fix AVI file problems in Sony Vegas, then the video file may be corrupted or there would be irregularities in the file contents, which blocks from opening. In such instance, it is recommended to go for any proficient AVI repair tool to make the file playable again.

Best AVI Repair software:

Yodot AVI Repair is the most reputed tool to resolve various problems associated with AVI files. This software can fix virus infected, damaged / broken AVI files created on various gadgets and applications. Its built in advanced strategies are capable of repairing corrupted AVI files due to CRC error, damaged file header, etc. within few simple clicks. The tool is virus free that can repair AVI as well as XVID and DIVX video file formats on latest Windows operating systems like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008 and 2003 versions. Mac version of Yodot AVI Repair can be used to solve Sony Vegas video file problems on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems.

Procedure to utilize Yodot AVI repair tool:

  • Download the tool on to your Windows system
  • Track back the instructions to install and run the utility
  • Now, select your AVI video that needs to fixed from the system drive using browse option
  • By clicking next, repair process triggers and its progress will be displayed in status bar
  • After completion of repair process, preview repaired AVI file description
  • Then select a new location on the system drive and save the AVI file

Necessary precautions:

  • Do not try to edit video files on any unsecured applications, use standard applications
  • Avoid malware infection by making use of efficient antivirus tools
  • When you download any AVI video file from internet, scan the file before playing it