Repair AVI File Importing Issues in Windows Movie Maker

“Every time when I try to import AVI file to Windows Movie Maker, I get an error message that ‘AVI cannot be installed because the codec required to play the file is not installed on your computer’. I have downloaded required codec and installed it to my computer, but it is displaying same error message. How does it happen? Someone suggest me something as I have to edit file and send to my friend urgently”

AVI is a container that includes different codecs in order to play it on media players such as VLC, QuickTime, GOM, Windows Media Player and so on. If it fails to import in Windows Movie Maker, then you should fix issue by downloading appropriate codec. In case, you receive same error message over and over, then close Windows Movie Maker and run antivirus software to scan for viruses. If you continue to get same issue, then probably the AVI file might have been corrupted due to any of the below listed reasons:

  • Improper Closure: Windows Movie Maker application should be closed properly by tapping on correct option given on it. Directly exiting Windows Movie Maker will damage header of AVI file and make it inaccessible
  • Bad Sectors: Over usage of your computer could lead to develop bad sectors on hard drive and when you save AVI file to hard drive containing bad sectors, it might damage AVI file structure
  • Forceful Shutdown: Giving command to forcefully shut down your computer will results in closing Windows Movie Maker improperly and you will no longer get access to AVI file edited in it
  • Other Causes: Other reasons for AVI file corruption includes virus or malware attacks, power failure while importing AVI file to Windows Movie Maker, download error etc.

Repairing importing issues in Windows Movie Maker

As you cannot fix importing problem in Windows Movie Maker by yourself, you need to take help from professional AVI Repair software such as Yodot AVI Repair. This application will remove each and every error which you get at the time of playing or importing AVI file on Windows Movie Maker application. You are supposed to go according to the instructions given on its screen to make corrupt AVI video file healthy file. Along with fixing AVI file not playing in Windows Movie Maker, it will assist you to repair AVI videos that won’t play on other media players such as Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, GOM Player, VLC Media player and so on. Other than AVI file, it can also two other video file formats namely XVID and DVIX on both Windows as well as Mac systems. For more information regarding the features and repair steps, it is recommended to download free trial version.

Instructions to repair AVI file which does not import on Windows Movie Maker:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair software on your Windows computer
  • Execute the software to commence the AVI file repair process
  • Select AVI file which does not import in Windows Movie Maker and then click upon “Repair”
  • You can judge the status of repair process by viewing status bar
  • As soon the AVI file is repaired, you will see a message showing successful repair of AVI video file
  • Preview AVI file to check its quality and also to examine complete repair of AVI video
  • At last save fixed AVI file in a specified location on your computer or on eternal storage drive

Points to Determine:

  • Close Windows Movie Maker properly at the time of shutting down your computer
  • Do not save AVI file on a computer which contains virus or malware threats