How Can I Fix Incomplete AVI File?

“Hi everybody, I took 3 week for downloading Prison Break serial on my PC which is of AVI file format. Unfortunately, it got incompletely downloaded due to some network issue at the end of download completion. Only few AVI files can be played without any problem and rest of them freeze in between while playing on media player. Again I can’t spend so many days for downloading serial and I am not sure it won’t get interrupted by anything. So, I kindly request you to suggest any solution for fixing incomplete AVI file problem. Thanks in advance!!!”

Are you stuck with a partially downloaded .avi file that neither allows you to play in your favorite media player nor in any media player? A missing header is probably the main cause for this issue. The AVI file actually consists of a header part in which the entire information of video clip will be stored. If this header gets corrupted or damaged, then you can’t play such movie clips on any media player. If you want to make this AVI files playable, then you must fix file header using relevant AVI repair utility.

The AVI files become incomplete when a part of the video file information goes missing. Hence it refuses to play in media player. When you’re downloading any .avi file from internet and it is interrupted in between due to abrupt system shutdown, downloading application crash, download error, CRC error, etc. then those AVI files will be partially downloaded.

Software to fix incomplete AVI files:

Yodot AVI Repair is a simple repair tool which helps you to fix incomplete files on both Windows and Mac system. It has the ability to repair incompletely copied AVI files from CD, DVD or from other source; it can also fix partially downloaded AVI files from the internet. You can even use this AVI file repair software to fix corrupted or broken AVI video files stored on different digital storage devices such as computer hard disk, external hard disk, USB drive, memory card, iPod, etc. In addition to AVI files, it can fix DIVX and XVID video file formats in a well organized manner. This tool is constructed in such a way that it can be used by every single user without putting much effort on executing the software.

Steps used in Yodot AVI Repair utility to fix incomplete AVI files:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair on your Windows OS computer
  • Run the application to start recovery process and follow recovery instructions present on screen
  • In main screen, either you enter the AVI file name or browse for the incomplete AVI file that is to be repaired
  • The software starts repairing selected AVI file
  • As soon as the repair process gets completed, it shows repaired AVI file along with the file description
  • You can preview repaired incomplete AVI file to confirm successful repair
  • At the end save repaired AVI video file in a desired location on your system

Useful Tips:

  • Install good security program to protect your AVI video files from virus infections
  • Don’t interrupt while copying or downloading AVI files from internet, CD,DVD or other source
  • Avoid using third party conversion tool for converting AVI files to other file format as it may corrupt or damage your video files