Repair AVI Files on Aiptek DV 3.1MP 3100 Camcorder

“Aiptek DV 3100 3.1MP AVI digital camcorder is my best camcorder that I have been using from very long time. Recently I had captured some important videos from camcorder, where video files will be saved in AVI file format as camcorder name suggests. However, two of the video files were recorded have become unplayable in Aiptek DV 3100 digital camcorder and issue remains same when I try to play them on my computer. Guys I don’t want to lose those video files, so can I get some suggestions as what can be done? Thanks a lot!”

Aiptek DV 3100 3.1MP AVI digital camcorder, new pocket camcorder measures only 3.3" x 2.7" x 1.7" captured precious moments in a single hand. This camcorder features digital video recorder, a high resolution 3.1 mega-pixel digital camera, digital voice recorder and it can also be connected to PC to be used as a webcam. It is provided with 32MB of inbuilt memory and user can add 512MB of CF card to gather more data in a single device.

Video recorded using Aiptek DV 3100 3.1MP AVI Digital Camcorder is sure to be saved in AVI file format and can be played on almost all systems. Like any other video file, your AVI video file is also bound to get corrupted at any instant of time. It is better if you get to know some scenarios as listed below that leads to corruption of AVI file that makes video unplayable.

  • Connecting Aiptek DV 3100 3.1MP AVI digital camcorder to many systems for transferring AVI files
  • Aiptek DV 3.1MP digital camcorder’s CF card may get corrupted due to virus attacks and this can damage AVI files saved in it
  • Capturing videos or photos on Aiptek DV 3.1MP 3100 camcorder when it is running on low battery may cause AVI file corruption
  • Software or firmware conflicts on Aiptek DV 3100 3.1MP digital camcorder can make AVI videos unplayable

Avi file repair tool for camcorder:

Yodot AVI Repair is best software used by many users for fixing AVI files that are corrupted or not playing on Aiptek DV 3100 3.1MP AVI digital camcorder. This repair software is included with precise list of options and repair techniques to repair AVI video file without facing any issues. Apart from AVI files, this utility can also repair XVID and DIVX video file formats on multimedia devices. You can fix HyperCam 2 error opening AVI files, Plex error while opening AVI file, AVI files not playing on CamStudio, Sony Vegas and other video editing tools. Moreover, user can fix AVI, DIVX and XVID video files damaged or refuse to play for any logical errors on both Windows and Macintosh computers. As the repair procedure is very simple user may rarely get any breakups and if they do face any problem technical assistance is always present 24/7 so that the issue can be resolved instantly.

Follow simple guidelines to repair corrupt AVI files on Aiptek DV camcorder:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair software on your system with help of administrator account
  • On completion of installation process, user can launch the program
  • From the main screen of utility click on ‘Browse’ button to select the AVI file
  • After selecting AVI file, hit on ‘Repair’ button to initiate repair procedure
  • View the repair progress with the help of progress bar provided in next screen
  • Upon completion of repair process, user can view fixed AVI file prior to saving it

Things to Remember:

  • Avoid abrupt removal of Aiptek DV3100 3.1MP AVI digital camcorder from system when AVI files are being transferred
  • Don’t use Aiptek DV3100 3.1MP AVI camcorder’s memory card on many devices as it may damage AVI files saved in it
  • Make use of compatible media player to play Avi files recorded using Aiptek DV 3.1MP digital camcorder

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