How to Fix DIVX Header File?

“A DivX video file is showing error when I try to play it in multimedia player on my system. I had edited this file recently using some online video editing tool and from then the video has stopped to play. Before editing I didn’t even take copy of this video file and I badly need this file in good condition as it holds crucial information. Is there possible method to fix error showing DivX file and make it playable again? Please help.”

DivX file format is currently one of the most used video formats other than MOV and AVI specifically for movies that are downloadable from internet. This HD quality video format compresses audio and video streams without compromising the quality of video. To play a DivX video file using Windows Media player, VLC and other players, one should install correct Codec on system. However, there are times in which DivX videos may refuse to play in any media players on system by showing errors. This might be due to video file header corruption.

How can DivX video header get corrupted or damaged?

As header of a file plays vital role by holding all specific information regarding the file, without which the file cannot be accessed. DivX file header is located at beginning of file holding size of file, data in which file was created and many more. Hence, any sort of damage to this file header can lead to inaccessibility of DivX video. Major causes that corrupts DivX header are listed here:

  • Download / transfer error: While downloading DivX video file from online sites inappropriate internet connectivity or interruptions in the process can leave the file header in corrupt state
  • Spyware attack: When storage drive holding DivX file is exposed to severe malware, then chances of video file header getting corrupt is more
  • Forceful termination of multimedia player: While playing DivX video in multimedia player abrupt termination of player or sudden system shutdown or power surge is likely to damage the file header at times
  • Other aspects: Use of incorrect Codec on system, wrong installation of multimedia player, errors while creating DivX video file, bad media spots on hard drive memory location where DivX video file is saved and many other reasons can bring on file header corruption

As DivX file header is damaged, one cannot play the video in any multimedia player. But there is nothing to worry about unplayable DivX video file whose header is damaged. Such video can be fixed in just a click with the help of advanced video repair tool like Yodot AVI Repair.

Salient features of DivX file header repair software:

Yodot AVI Repair tool excellently assists in fixing corrupt header of DivX videos on both Windows and Mac platforms. It includes proficient repair strategies to fix damaged, corrupted or error showing DivX video files with ease. Apart from DivX file format it can even fix corrupt AVI file header and broken XviD videos just in simple clicks. This software provides two separate versions for both Windows and Mac OS users. Windows supported software can be utilized on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems on the other hand Mac version of the tool is compatible to work on Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS X versions.

Follow these steps to make use of DivX header repair tool:

  • Download the software on your Windows PC where corrupt DivX video file is saved
  • Install and run the utility according to given instructions
  • In main screen click on BROWSE button to select required DivX video file whose header is corrupt
  • Then click on ‘Repair’ to trigger scanning process and wait for few span of time
  • When scanning ends, fixed DivX video will be displayed on screen
  • Click on ‘Preview’ button to view the video before saving
  • At last mention specific target location on computer hard drive or on any other external drive to save repaired DivX video file

Considerable Note:

  • Do not use unethical video editing tools to edit DivX videos on system
  • Remove harmful viruses from system by employing good antivirus tool

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