How to Fix Uncompressed AVI File?

AVI file is an acronym of Audio- Video Interleave which basically is a multimedia container used to distribute videos and it is extensively supported by media players such as VLC media player, Windows Media player, QuickTime media player and so on. When this AVI file is being uncompressed which means that its contents have not been condensed to acquire less space on hard drive or storage media, it may take more time for transmission or to get uploaded over internet. But still users prefer uncompressed AVI file since it is used to store footage in high quality. Although uncompressed AVI retains its original video quality and can be played without any disturbance, corruption of uncompressed AVI file has become a major problem nowadays. The causes of uncompressed AVI file corruption are as follows:

  • Interruption like power failure or improper system shut down at the time you are playing uncompressed AVI file on QuickTime or other media player could result in its corruption
  • Uncompressed AVI file might sometimes damage due to its larger size and you will get a pop up notice saying that it is damaged
  • Saving uncompressed AVI file on computer that contains bad sector will affect AVI file and corrupt it severely
  • If you do not close media player on which AVI file is being played at the time of shutting down your computer then AVI file is likely to get corrupted
  • Trying to play uncompressed AVI file on unsupported media player would damage it and you cannot watch it on supported media player as well

Program to repair uncompressed AVI file:

When you are denied with error messages while watching or opening uncompressed AVI file then make use of Yodot AVI Repair software on your Windows or Mac computer. It includes only few steps to ensure you quick and fast repair of uncompressed AVI file. As uncompressed AVI files are suspected to be severely damaged you might wonder if this software can fix it or not. Well you can be rest assured; this application is built in such a way that it can eliminate all kinds of errors and interruptions that uncompressed AVI file show at the time of viewing or playing. Even being AVI repair software this utility has the ability to repair two more popular video file formats namely XVID and DIVX. Furthermore it lets you to completely view repaired AVI file on your Mac or Windows computer before saving it to the desired location.

Procedure to fix uncompressed AVI file:

  • First of all download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your Mac or Windows computer
  • Run the application and then follow the instructions given on it
  • On the main screen you will find a window which asks you to select corrupted AVI file
  • Browse for corrupted AVI file and then proceed further by just clicking on “Repair” option
  • You can see the progress of repairing over the screen
  • Once the repair process of uncompressed AVI file gets completed you will get a message stating successful repair of AVI file
  • Preview repaired AVI file for confirmation and at last save it on a location that you prefer

Actions to be carried out:

  • Never try to play uncompressed AVI file on a media player that does not support it
  • Shut down your computer only after closing media player on which you were watching uncompressed AVI file