How to Fix AVI file when it stops working?

Every individual is aware of AVI file as it is a popular video file format. Nowadays everyone to download video from internet with AVI file format since it offers outstanding video as well as audio quality. Although it offers best features as compared to other video file formats, sometimes the AVI file which you are curious to watch stops working and display error message. The main cause for this unusual behavior of AVI file is corruption.

To understand about AVI file corruption, let us consider a situation wherein you were watching AVI file on your computer. However, suddenly your system frozen and did not show any positive result even after waiting for long time. To deal with this issue, you have forcefully shut down your computer and restarted it to watch AVI file again. But when you tried to play the AVI file in media player, it did not display anything and instead you got an error message that AVI file stopped working. If you see this message for the first time then you may not get frighten as you might assume that the AVI file may play after sometime. However, if the issue is related to software then the AVI file may play after sometime. But if your AVI file is corrupted, you will not be able to play it even after trying a lot. AVI file does not get corrupted without any reasons. If any interruption occurs while you are watching, moving or downloading AVI file then it may results upon its corruption.

Following are instances which might corrupt existing AVI on your computer:

  • The media player in which you are playing AVI file should be closed properly by clicking on suitable option. Failing to do so could corrupt AVI file and it may stop working
  • AVI file may get corrupted and stop to your commands if its transfer process is being halted by power failure or software malfunction
  • In case the source from which you have copied AVI file is infected with harmful viruses then AVI file may stops working due to virus intrusion
  • AVI file is compressed using required audio and video codec. If there is any error in codec then AVI file may fail to play and stops working

Fixing AVI file which stopped working:

The media file in which you play AVI file does not comes up any option that could fix corrupted AVI file. So to fix AVI file, you need to use good repair software on your Windows or Mac computer. Yodot AVI Repair software is the one which will successfully resolve all corruption issues related to AVI file. It has been designed in such a way that you can fix not only AVI file but DIVX and XVID file which fails to play in different media players. One can repair AVI movies of any size created in different platforms such as Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008 Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion,, Yosemite and Mavericks operating systems. To repair and preview fixed AVI file, you are recommended to download free demo version of the software.

Steps to fix AVI file that stopped working:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair software on your Windows computer
  • Soon after installation, run it to find out steps involved in the repair process
  • Main screen asks you to select for corrupted AVI file. Just select it and then proceed further by clicking on “Repair”
  • Soon after the completion of repair process, you will get a Window which shows message about successful repair
  • Preview repaired AVI file and at last save them on a desired location

Safety measures:

  • Never try to transfer AVI file when there is continuous fluctuation in power
  • Make sure that you properly close media player after playing AVI file in it