Repair When CamStudio XVID Not Responding

“Hi, using CamStudio I edited few video footages by installing latest xvid codec, but later on none of the videos played in CamStudio or in other multimedia players. So, how will I get to play these videos without any damage or error? Is there any possible method to overcome the situation? Kindly help.”

CamStudio is amazing screen-casting program that produces videos in AVI format. Screen casting is simply the process of capturing activities on your screen in video format with high picture quality. This often becomes handy for game lovers to record actions on screen with same HD quality as they are. And with the latest XVID Codec available for CamStudio, it is possible to generate videos fairly and quickly on Windows computer. But, there are times when CamStudio may stop responding due to XVID Codec issues. In such instance, the video file created or trying to play in CamStudio may completely become inaccessible.

Top reasons that may damage videos on CamStudio are:

  • Incorrect installation of XVID Codec or outdated Codec being used to play videos in CamStudio on Windows computer can damage AVI files badly
  • Missing of any XVID Codec or installing wrong XVID codec on Windows hard drive can bring forth corruption of CamStudio videos after which it may stop playing

When CamStudio XVID is not responding or when it is improper, AVI videos created using that codec will not open / play in any media player. Apart from codec error, CamStudio files may become unresponsive when they are corrupted due to audio-video sync issue, unmanageable file sizes, virus intrusion and sometimes after incorrect compression process. However, no need to lose hope, as there are various methods to fix the problem.

Firstly, make sure that Windows system is installed with correct and proper XVID codecs to play videos created in CamStudio. If the problem still occur even with updated Codec then those videos are corrupted and it is advised to make use of prominent video repair tools to fix such CamStudio videos.

CamStudio video file repair tool:

Corrupt CamStudio AVI files with unresponsive XVID codec is possible to repair by implementing Yodot AVI Repair software. This tool is capable of fixing when CamStudio XVID codec videos are not responding or refuse to play due to any reason. It can readily fix corrupted or damaged AVI files from Windows computer without causing any damage to the video data. Apart from CamStudio AVI files, this tool can fix DivX movies and XviD video files outstandingly. This software can be installed on various Windows operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003. And for those who use Mac computers with OS X Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion and Mavericks operating systems, they can use Mac version of the software to fix AVI, DivX and XviD videos on it.

Steps to repair CamStudio AVI videos having unresponsive XviD codec:

  • Download the software on your Windows computer and install it
  • Run the application and in main screen click on ‘Browse’ option to select corrupted CamStudio video file
  • After choosing required CamStudio video file hit‘Repair’ button to trigger scanning process
  • Once scanning starts, the progress of scanning process will be visible through ‘Status Bar’
  • Wait till scanning completes and a healthy AVI file will be ready to access
  • Play the video to test accuracy and if satisfied with results save this fixed CamStudio AVI file to any location

Make note of these things:

  • Always update XVID codec with CamStudio in order to play its videos without any error
  • Backup important CamStudio videos in multiple storage locations to avoid file corruption

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