Repair when PS3 Doesn't Play AVI from USB

“I have many video files from videos in AVI file format on my USB drive. When I tried to play one of AVI video files in PS3 from USB drive, it is not playing. I don’t know what exactly causing this problem, I want to fix unplayable AVI file when PS3 doesn’t play from USB drive. Please somebody who knows the accurate solution help me out regarding this issue! I await for your response!”

PS3 is the most renowned gaming console that has hard drive as its storage device; one can even store videos, audios, images, etc on PS3 device. Playstation3 also play videos and other media files from external storage devices such as USB drives, Memory Stick, etc. This gaming console supports various video file formats including familiar AVI video file format. However, in some nightmare instances PS3 doesn’t play AVI file from USB drive due to several known or unknown factors as mentioned in previously discussed scenario. There are many reasons for unplayable AVI file in PS3, some of them are:

  • Mismatch between codecs of PS3 and AVI file that is used to play from USB drive
  • AVI file header corruption due to mishandling of USB driv
  • Improper connectivity between USB drive and PS3 while playing AVI files
  • Malicious virus or spyware attacks on the AVI file stored in USB device

If your beloved AVI video files are not playing in PS3 from USB drive then it is not required to worry a lot? No matter what may be the reason for unplayable AVI file in PS3 from USB device it can be fixed using relevant AVI repair application named Yodot AVI Repair.

AVI file repair software for PS3:

Yodot AVI Repair software is specially intended for fixing AVI file under various critical scenarios. This tool can efficiently fix when PS3 doesn’t play AVI videos from USB drive on Windows computer. One can repair AVI file not playing in PS3 from USB device within few mouse clicks. One can also repair corrupt or unplayable XVID and DIVX video files using this tool. It has read-only property and ensures safe repairing of not playing AVI file in PS3 gaming console. Along with Playstation3 AVI file, you can also repair AVI file that won't play on Xbox 360 gaming console. This program works compatible with Windows system running with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating system version. Using this tool, one can even repair unplayable AVI file on Macintosh machine installed with Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS versions.

Simple procedure to repair AVI file when PS3 doesn't play from USB device:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to Windows laptop or desktop
  • Connect USB device that is not playing AVI file in PS3
  • Run the installed program and follow the on-screen guidelines
  • Next browse for the AVI file, which is to be repaired
  • After selection click on “Repair” option to start video file repair process
  • The repair procedure can be estimated by viewing the progress bar available
  • After completion, the application displays AVI file with its file description
  • The utility also allows you to preview the fixed AVI file before saving
  • Lastly save your repaired AVI files to your desired destination location on system or any other storage devices

Notable Instructions:

  • Maintain backup of your favorite AVI video files on more than one storage device
  • Ensure that you are playing AVI having similar codecs in Playstation3 to avoid corruption issues