Fix Codec Error in XBOX AVI File

“I have copied few AVI files to XBOX game console in order to watch them in it. But when I clicked on particular video it showed a message that ‘cannot play AVI file, codec error’. What could be the reason behind it? If anyone is aware of the fact to resolve error shown by XBOX AVI file, then kindly let me know.”

Many people have complained that when they try to play AVI files on XBOX console, they are prompted with above error message. Microsoft XBOX is a multimedia suite that not only allows you to play video games; but also facilitates to watch AVI file without converting them to some other format. Hence AVI files encoded with either DIVX or XVID video files are also compatible and supported on XBOX game console.

However, AVI files will be rejected if the codecs are not within supported lists. In order to fix this issue, you have to transfer AVI files to computer and try to play on its media player. In case, you get same error message, then it is not a codec issue; it is related to AVI file corruption.  There are several reasons behind AVI file that won’t play and shows Codec error on XBOX such as:

  • Abruptly switching off XBOX game console when AVI file is played on it
  • Watching AVI file when XBOX game console is running out of battery
  • Power surge at the time of moving AVI files from XBOX to your computer
  • Virus attacks on XBOX console when it is connected to infected computer

Software to fix codec issues in XBOX:

Use Yodot AVI Repair software to successfully repair AVI file showing codec error on your Windows computer. It has the potential to repair AVI file on XBOX after codec error, index error, CRC error, etc and completely eliminates errors from video file without repeating it at the time of watching AVI file. Other than computer, one can repair AVI file corrupted or not playing on memory cards, USB drives, iPods, Media players, external hard drives, cameras, camcorders and other storage devices that get detected as removable storage drive on your computer. Besides this, it can repair AVI file on CamStudio, Sony Vegas, QuickTime, Windows Media Player and other tools after file corruption as result of virus attacks, power failure, improper system shutdown and others file playing videos. In addition to AVI, this AVI repair software can even fix video files in XVID and DIVX file formats on both Windows and as Mac computers that are installed with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks operating systems.

Fix codec error in XBOX AVI file by following below given steps:

  • At first download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Connect XBOX console to the system in which you have downloaded the software
  • After installation, run the software and follow guidelines given on-screen
  • Main screen asks you to select corrupted AVI file
  • Browse for corrupted AVI file and then hit on “Repair” to start AVI file repair process
  • Once scanning process is done, you will get a Window that shows status of AVI file repair like it is successfully repaired or not
  • Preview repaired AVI file and at last save it to desired location on your computer

Important Measures:

  • Avoid watching AVI file on XBOX gaming console when its battery is very low and about to die
  • Do not connect XBOX console to a system that is infected with virus or malware threats