How to Repair When Xvid AVI Won’t Play?

“I have downloaded few videos from online sites that have useful stuff related to my project. After downloading, there was a pop up message whether to convert these files to AVI format and I just clicked yes. Conversion was complete, but none of the videos play either in VLC or in QuickTime. I am not even able to convert it back to its original file format. How can I fix this issue and play the videos?”

AVI video container format is widely in use to store video data on different storage devices. It provides good streaming of audio and video data to produce excellent movie. AVI file can be easily played using different multimedia players on Windows and Mac operating systems if it is encoded with Xvid video Codec. Xvid codec can be used on all platforms and operating system and hence most of the AVI videos encoded with this codec are referred as Xvid AVI files. Unfortunately, even Xvid AVI may stop playing as mentioned in above instance. This can be due to number of factors that alter Xvid AVI file in situations like:

  • Incorrect installation or absence of Xvid Codec on system
  • Outdated Xvid video Codec
  • Malfunctioning of multimedia player in which XviD AVI is being played
  • Forceful termination of media player while playing Xvid AVI file
  • Use of unreliable video editing tool to alter Xvid AVI videos
  • Incorrect compression, download and transfer of Xvid AVI video file

In most of these instances, XviD AVI will stop playing and render error. It is quite common to get panic when Xvid AVI won’t play on any of the media player present on computer. However, there is a way to make the file playable again. Check out whether system is installed with correct Xvid video Codec and it is up to date. If not, try installing latest Xvid codec and then play your AVI video files. If this doesn’t fetch you results and AVI files are still not playing then consider repairing it using proficient video repair utility.

Unplayable Xvid AVI file repair application:

With the utilization of Yodot AVI Repair tool it is possible to fix XviD AVI videos that do not play in multimedia players. This utility is comprised of ingenious read-only repair strategies that extract both audio and video streams of damaged AVI file and creates a new healthy AVI movie file. It has ability to repair corrupted AVI videos created using CamStudio, various digital cameras and camcorders with utmost ease. Using this tool, one can easily fix AVI video not playing in Media Center, WMP, VLC, iTunes, QuickTime and other possible multimedia players on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Windows computer users can install this tool on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based PCs and laptops. Whereas Mac users can simply use this program on Mac Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard OS X versions.

Follow these instructions to run the software:

  • Download and install Yodot AVI Repair tool on your computer (Mac/Windows)
  • After successful installation, launch the software to get started with repair process
  • In main screen click on “BROWSE” button and search corrupted Xvid AVI video to be repaired
  • After selecting the file click on “REPAIR” button to trigger scanning process
  • A progress bar gets displayed on screen displaying status of scanning process
  • Later, repaired Xvid AVI video will be ready to access
  • Click on ‘Preview’ button to view repaired AVI video for few seconds
  • Finally, save this fixed AVI file to required location on computer drive or to external storage device

Necessary Tips:

  • Before downloading / plating any Xvid encoded AVI video file, check the system for presence of right Codec
  • Do not use unreliable video editing tools to edit Xvid AVI files
  • Backup essential XviD AVI videos in secure location to overcome unexpected file damage issues

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