Common Issues with Outlook Meetings and How to Fix Them

Are you facing issues with Outlook meetings? want to fix the issue? then you have come to the right place read our full article to fix the issues.

Although Outlook is the most commonly used email application, it is not surprising to find that it is also one with many issues. Outlook email issues, calendar issues, or basically anything related to communication can create a number of problems for the organization if not resolved immediately, especially considering Outlook is largely used in a professional setup. Here, in this space, we are going to discuss Outlook calendar/meeting issues in particular and also provide solutions to resolve them.


One of the most common issues you may encounter while creating meeting requests is the attendee’s not populating. This is the most crucial stage in creating meeting requests, so if the attendees do not load, you won’t be able to create the meeting request.

To resolve this problem, you can refresh the Address Book. To do so,

  1. Open Outlook > File > Account Settings
  2. Then click on Download Address Book

how to fix Outlook Meeting issues download Address book

Download Address book

Now, a new copy of the Global address book will be downloaded. Once you have that, your meeting attendees should load without any issues.


If the meetings are not showing up, first double-check if you are actually in the Calendar View in Outlook. To open the calendar view, on the bottom left corner, select the second icon that looks like a calendar. Then you can select if you want calendar views by day, by the week, or by workweek seen at the top of the screen as shown in the image below. Ideally, this should help you view the calendars with all the events.


Select Calendar

  1. Reset Calendar View

If the issue still persists, you can reset the calendar view by following the steps below.

  • Start Outlook and open the Calendar View
  • Then click on the View tab and select Reset View


Meeting Issue Reset View

  1. Run Outlook.exe / clean profile


Run Clean Profile

Run Outlook.exe / clean profile is a command that is used to discard invalid and corrupt profile keys and rebuild them. To run this command, click on the Start menu, and in the Search box, type the following command.

‘Outlook.exe /clean profile


Newer versions of Outlook generally don’t have this problem because these issues are fixed. However, if you are using a comparatively older version, you may encounter this problem, and here are some fixes for the same.

As a first troubleshooting step, try sending the meeting request directly. Meaning, just include the invitee’s addresses as recipients at the time of creating the meeting request. It is preferable to avoid using the Forward/Invite feature.

After trying the direct invite method, if you still have issues, update the Outlook Meeting Tool. To do so,

  • Open Outlook and click on the File menu
  • Then select Office Account and log in to your account by clicking on the Sign in button
  • Then click on the arrow under Update Options and select Update Now


Update Outlook

Of course, you can also set up your Windows system to update Microsoft Outlook update automatically. Having this one set up, you don’t have to go through the hassle of manually updating applications.

To automatically update Microsoft Outlook, simply follow the steps explained below.

  • Click Windows + X and select Control Panel
  • Go to System & Security > Windows Update > Change Settings
  • Select ‘Give me the updates for other Microsoft products when updating Windows’ and save the changes

Now you know the most common issues with Outlook calendars and how to solve them. Next, let’s move on to some other common problems you may face while using Outlook. For example, PST file corruption and related issues. PST file corruption is one of the most common problems users face and mostly occurs due to file size issues, improper compression procedures, virus attacks, system shutdown when PST file is being accessed, etc.

Repair Outlook PST file

Normally, such corruption in PST files causes problems in Outlook such as problems sending and receiving emails, Outlook freezing or hanging, Outlook slowing down considerably, and many more. Such issues can be repaired using a tool called Yodot PST Repair software. It repairs the PST file and helps you recover lost Outlook data like emails, calendars, contacts, etc. You can also recover lost calendar entries using this tool.

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This PST Repair tool is highly regarded for its simplistic design and ease of use. Once you download the software for PST repair, all you need to do is perform 3 clicks. The software will take care of the rest of the repair process and produce a new healthy PST file. Once that file is imported to Outlook, you can get access to all of your Outlook data.