How to Fix SD Card Error on GoPro Hero

GoPro is one of the most sought-after action cameras in the world. These cameras are fully waterproof, can record full HD images and videos, and are completely shockproof as well. GoPro cameras are most often worn on the head to give great Point of View (POV) shots.

Despite all such features, one of the errors that occur quite frequently is SD card errors.

Common causes of SD card errors:

  • Read and Write speeds are not fast enough: If you do not use one of the recommended cards for GoPro, you end up with an SD card error. There are two-speed ratings – one for reading/accessing the information and another for writing/recording the information.

The higher the video quality, the faster the SD card speed needs to be. If your memory card speed can’t cope up with large GoPro video files, SD ERR appears on your screen.

Solution: (a) Check if your card is one of the recommended cards for your model of GoPro camera. If this is not causing the issue, try a different fix.

  • Get a recommended SD card. Although it is not a free/cheap option, it is better than ending up with corrupted videos or data loss.
  • SD card is not properly inserted: This error usually occurs when you used the same SD card in a different camera.

Before looking at the solution, make sure you save all the files in a different location as this solution involves loss of data.

Solution: (a) Transfer all the files on your card to your computer.

(b) Format your card using the GoPro.

(c) Insert your SD card. Turn On the camera. Enter the setup menu after pressing the front power button, until you see the gear icon on the front LCD screen.

(d) Press top button to select setup menu. Go down to format option – by pressing the front button until you see trashcan icon selected. Press top button once to select that option.

(e) Now select ALL/Format option after pressing front power button until you see it highlighted and then press the top button.

(f) Navigate to delete option after pressing front power button until it is highlighted. Press top button to select.

(g) Wait until your card shows it has been reformatted. Turn your camera off, then back on. The screen should show “00”, indicating there are no images on the card. Just to ensure it is correctly formatted, click a photo or record a video on your camera.

  • Update your firmware: SD card could also be due to a firmware issue especially if you using a newer SD card with an older GoPro version.

To do a firmware update, you should connect your SD card to a computer or use a blank SD card. Again, these steps vary based on your model.

For detailed procedure, visit here.

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