How to Repair Recovered Video Files

I recovered my deleted MOV files using one of the free recovery software available online. The recovered file size shows the same as the original. I tried playing the file in several media players like VLC, DivX, Media Player Classic, but it doesn’t play in any of them. Now, I don’t know if the original MOV is damaged. Is there any way to repair recovered video files? Please help.”

Video repair

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There may be a couple of reasons why your recovered video files are not playing. It can be because of a codec compatibility issue with the video or it can be due to corruption/damage to the video file.

Usually, when there is a problem with the recovered video files, you may see the following symptoms.

  • Inconsistency or lag in audio and video
  • Possible crashes during playback
  • Missing parts of the video footage
  • File doesn’t open due to inconsistency of video container
  • Recovered video files not playing/blank screen when playing the video file

Yodot MOV carefully identifies issues with the video file (MOV, MP4 or AVI) and repairs them using advanced repair techniques. A combination of read-only attribute along with the ability to fix video files in an efficient way makes it the most preferred MOV repair software. Check out ‘Yodot MOV Repair’ to repair recovered MOV & MP4 files and ‘Yodot AVI Repair’ to repair recovered AVI files!

Download Now

Download Now

How to Repair Video Files after Recovery

1. Get the right codecs

Codecs (short for encoder-decoder) are important pieces of code required in a video for storage and transmission purposes. In order for encoding/decoding to occur smoothly, it is required that you have the right codecs installed.

This will solve playback issues with video files. If you don’t have the codecs, download and install the K-Lite codec pack. This pack supports all video formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, DivX and many others. This will help play your recovered video files.

2. Use VLC Player to Repair Recovered Video Files

VLC player

If the problem is not related to codecs or if you find that the video file is corrupt, you can repair it using VLC Player. Some symptoms of corruption include blurry videos, inconsistency in audio & video, missing footage, etc. If you find any of these signs, you can repair recovered video files using VLC player and other video repair tools like Yodot.

The VLC player is not just limited to play your video files. It can also smoothly repair recovered video files.

To Repair MP4 or MOV Files After Recovery

  1. Open VLC player and click Media > Convert or Save
  2. Select Add Input files or streams > Convert or Save
  3. Add a file name and choose a codec from the list
  4. Select Edit Selected Profile and add/delete a profile
  5. Click the Start button

To Repair AVI Files After Recovery

  1. Open VLC player and go to Tools > Preferences
  2. In Input & Codecs section, click Damaged or incomplete AVI file
  3. Select Always Fix to fix corrupt AVI files

If VLC player cannot solve corruption in your videos, then it could probably be because the video file is severely corrupt. In that case, opt for Yodot video repair tool that smartly handles any level of corruption. 2 tools available, one to repair recovered MOV & MP4 files and other to repair recovered AVI, DivX & XviD files. Get your free trial now!

Download Now

Download Now

3. Let Yodot Video Repair Tool Automatically Repair Recovered Video Files

Yodot Repair

Steps to Repair Recovered MOV or MP4 Files

  1. Download Yodot MOV Repair software by clicking on the ‘Download Now’ button.
  2. Launch the software to open the main window. Select the ‘Corrupted File’ button to select corrupted MOV file to be repaired; then select ‘Healthy File’ button to select a healthy MOV file as a reference to repair the corrupt file. Click ‘Repair’ to begin the repair process.
  3. Once repair completes, ‘Preview’ the repaired MOV or MP4 file and ‘Save’.

Note: The steps to repair recovered MP4 or MOV files are the same for both Windows and Mac versions.

Yodot MOV repair

Steps to Repair Recovered AVI Files

  1. Download Yodot AVI Repair software by clicking on the Download Now button
  2. Launch the software to open the main window. Select ‘Browse’ button to select the corrupted AVI file to be repaired and click the blue ‘Repair’ button
  3. Once repair completes, ‘Preview’ the repaired AVI file and ‘Save’
Yodot AVI Repair

Note: The steps to repair recovered AVI files are the same for both Windows and Mac versions.


Through this blog post, you’ve learned different methods to repair recovered MP4, MOV and AVI files. While minor corruption issues can be fixed using VLC, for all major corruption issues and a permanent fix to the problem, use Yodot MOV or AVI repair tool. The software offers a free trial to repair recovered videos, go ahead and grab yours now!

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