List of Error Codes and Solutions for Nikon DSLR Cameras

Error Codes and Their Fixes for Nikon DSLR Cameras

You are capturing a photo using Nikon DSLR digital camera and suddenly an error crops up. How would you feel? Feeling angry, right? Anyone can get easily angry if their work gets halt due to errors prompted while using Nikon camera. Then, what should be done to avoid errors on Nikon DSLR? You don’t have to worry, here I have explained common errors which appears on Nikon DSLR camera and how to tackle those errors with ease. Just read this tutorial on Nikon DSLR error codes and their fixes to get a complete knowledge.

Nikon Error Codes and Fixes-

  1. ERR Error Message

This error keeps on blinking on your Nikon camera screen when dust particles lie between the lens and camera. Hence, clean the lens and put it back. Or else, change the lens. One more reason might be camera startup. If you are facing this error during camera startup, then turn off your camera, detach battery from it. Next, again put the battery back to the camera and turn on. If the problem still persists, then contact Nikon service center.

  1. FEE Error

This error is due to aperture ring which you are using with your lenses. When you set the ring to maximum aperture size, then fEE error message pops up.

To resolve this error, turn ring back to the point highlighted in orange color. In case, it is possible to lock aperture ring, then you should lock it.

  1. Triangle with letter “F”

When camera fails to communicate with the lens, then this error appears. For fixing the error, use the microfiber cloth and clean the contacts on the rear of the lens. And lock the lens into its place. Still not solved the error? Try out a different lens and find whether the problem is with camera or lens.

  1. No Memory Card Error or –E-

If the memory card is not inserted into your Nikon camera, then you will get this error. Or you have inserted, but camera fails to read it even then continuous (-E-) message appears.

  • Detach memory card by turning off your camera. Then, clean it and add it back to the camera.
  • If the first method doesn’t fix the issue, check card type is compatible with camera or not. If not, format the card.

Note- If you have files in the memory card, then try Yodot Photo Recovery tool and restore all your photos. The tool can be used to recover data from memory card of Nikon Coolpix s6300, Nikon D90, D80, and other Nikon camera models.

  1. CHA/CHR Message

When there are issues with the memory card you are using in Nikon camera, then this error will appear. To resolve this error, try out the following fixes

  • Format the memory card
  • Clean the contacts of your camera
  1. “f–” or “f0” Error Message

The error occurs if the lens is not put into its place correctly or if you are using an older lens. In order to get rid of this error, unmount and remount the lens. If you are using an older lens, then replace with the new one as the older lens (not all) won’t have electronic contacts so that your camera can’t communicate with the lens.

  1. “Information” icon error message

The most common reasons for this error are-

  • Not charged battery – To fix this charge your battery
  • Locked memory card- Find toggle switch on your memory card and unlock it
  • Memory card is full- Transfer files from memory card to other devices to solve the issue
  1. Cannot record movie error message

If Nikon DSLR camera unable to move the files to the memory card, then this error arises. Therefore, while selecting memory card, you have to choose the one which has faster read and write process speed.

  1. Shutter release error message

When camera shutter release button is stuck then this error message crops up. So, make sure that nothing is jamming the shutter button. If there is any, remove it.

  1. This Image Cannot Be Deleted error message

If you are trying to delete an image which is protected by the camera software, then this error will arise. So, remove the protection and then try to delete it.

If any of the above-mentioned errors lead you to lose files from your Nikon camera card, then use Yodot Card Recovery tool as mentioned above. It will help you out in restoring data from camera memory card.