Reboot Windows System that Crashed after System Recovery

System Recovery is carried out when there is problem or errors in your Windows. It reformats the system drive and reinstalls the OS. It should be performed carefully, otherwise you might get into other consequences. System recovery might sometimes result in Windows crash making your computer unbootable.

It happened with me when i tried to fix my computer using system recovery. Due to some unknown reason my Windows got crashed and later it declined to boot. Then, I tried some handy methods which helped me to reboot the crashed computer. So, I will explain here all those methods, which might be helpful for you if you are in same situation.

Method 1:Reboot using System Repair DVD (Startup Repair)

  • Insert Windows System Repair DVD and press any key to boot from CD/DVD
    Note- Watch the video tutorial to create a System Repair Disk
  • Then, select ‘Repair your computer’ option
  • The System Repair tool searches for a valid OS and prompt a message that –
     “Windows found problems with your computer’s startup options. Do you want to apply repairs and restart your computer?”
  • Then, click on ‘Repair and Restart’, it will show you the Windows System Repair environment window
  • Press ‘Next’ at the keyboard selection prompt
  • when ‘System Recovery Options’ screen appears, make sure that the “Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows” is checked
  • Now choose ‘Command Prompt’ option from the drop down list
  • When command prompt appears, type following commands
    1. bootrec.exe  /fixmbr
    2. bootrec.exe  /fixboot (It may show an ‘Element not found’ message)
    3. bootrec.exe  /RebuildBcd
  • Exit from the command prompt and select ‘Startup Repair’
  • Wait for the process completion, it shows window with these two messages-
    “Windows cannot repair this computer automatically” and “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically”
  • Close this message window and click on the ‘View advanced options for system recovery and support’ option
  • Once again select ‘Startup Repair’ option from the main menu
  • When “Startup Repair could not detect a problem” message appears, click on ‘Finish’
  • Again run “System Repair” option and click Finish button
  • Finally, remove the System Repair DVD and click ‘Restart’ to reboot the computer

Method 2: Reinstall Windows OS using Installation Disk

If you don’t have System Repair Disc, then follow this method. First, remove your hard drive from the unbootable computer and connect it to healthy computer as a secondary device. Using recovery software, recover all your data from hard drive that is unbootable and save it in any device.

You can also use above mentioned method to recover data from corrupted or unreadable hard drive.

Now, put it back to the crashed computer. Then, insert the installation disk and reinstall the OS by following the below mentioned steps-

Before starting installation, create installation disk. To know How to Create a Windows Installation Disc watch this video:

  • Start your computer and insert the Windows installation disc
  • Then shut down your computer and restart it
  • When it asks, press any key and then follow the instructions
  • When it shows Install Windows page, click Install now button and follow the onscreen instruction

Please Note:
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