How to Recover Deleted Files from Desktop on Windows 10, 11?

Windows 11 is the recent OS launched by Microsoft. It is a powerful OS with the latest features. Unfortunately, even though Windows 11 is built with the latest features, it is not immune to data loss. However, the deleted files will be present but no longer accessible. This article will discuss how to recover deleted files from a Desktop on Windows 11/10. 

Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Desktop

If you have accidentally deleted files from Desktop, then the first thing you need to do is undo the action by clicking on the Ctrl+Z. Else you can check in the Recycle Bin. 

1. Recover Deleted Folders from the Desktop Using Recycle Bin

  • Open Recycle Bin.
  • Locate the files which you would like to restore.
  • Right-click on the selected files and click on the Restore option.
click on the Restore option

2. Recover Shift Deleted Folder from Desktop Using File History

  • Open File Explorer, and navigate to the folder where you have lost files.
  • Now, Right click on it and click on Restore Previous Version.
Restore Previous Version
  • Check all the available Folder versions. Select the appropriate/most recent version, and click on the Restore option.

This method works if you have enabled the File History. If you cannot recover permanently deleted files from the Desktop,, move to the next section of the article. 

3. Recover Deleted files from Desktop Windows 11 using the Windows File Recovery tool 

If you could not recover files from the method mentioned above, then you can use this open-source tool by Microsoft. This tool is compatible with Windows 11 and its previous version. 

  • Download and install the Windows File Recovery tool on your Windows 11 OS.
Install winfr
  • Now search for the Windows file recovery tool and open it.
  • In the standard line window, type winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [/mode] [/switches] and hit Enter.

Though this tool is free, it could be more powerful. This tool can only help you recover deleted files. It fails to recover files lost due to corruption or formatting. If you cannot recover files,n it is recommended tousef Yodot Recovery software. 

This tool is built with a robust recovery algorithm that helps recover files even from complicated data loss. The tool can recover more than 300 file types. 

select deleted file recovery
  • Select Deleted File Recovery option
  • Select the drive from where files are to be recovered data and then click on the Scan option. 
  • Preview the recovered file to ensure that the file has been recovered
  • Finally, click the Save option to retrieve the recovered files in the desired location.   

How to Recover Hidden Files on Desktop in Windows 10/11?

Follow the steps below to recover missing or hidden files from Windows 11/10.  

  • In the search bar, type Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.
  • Now type chkdsk X:/ r (where X is the drive letter) and hit Enter.
  • Now type attrib -h -r -s /s /d X:*.* (where X is the drive letter)


This article was informative in providing information on how to recover deleted files on a Desktop from Windows 11 manually and 10 and using Yodot Recovery software. Data loss is inevitable. Hence it is always advised to back up your data. Do share the article and comment down below with your thoughts.