Recovering Files Lost After a Failed macOS Mojave Upgrade

Dealing with a failed Mojave upgrade?

The new Mac OS Mojave although does not offer a major revamp to your Mac, it still does provide a number of new features that help you boost productivity. Mojave’s new and improved security features, dark mode, stacks desktop to organize your files better, better image editing capabilities are some of the features why you should upgrade to Mojave. So, you decide to make the big move and upgrade to Mojave. But for some reason, the upgrade fails and you end up with data loss. You panic now and looking for answers as to why this is happening and if your data can be recovered.

No worries, your data can be recovered using Yodot data recovery software and we’ll explain more on this later in this post. It is important to understand that multiple kinds of issues arise if the OS upgrade fails. Issues can be anything like data loss, slow or sluggish system behavior, certain apps not working etc. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the biggest disaster i.e. data loss that may occur after the Mojave upgrade.

Recover files after failed Mojave update

Data loss after Mojave upgrade

In normal circumstances, upgrading Mac OS should never delete user data. However, in the unlikely case, there are chances that upgrade doesn’t go as expected and may cause data loss.

Below are some circumstances under which you may experience data loss after a Mac OS upgrade.

  • Failed upgrade: Can occur due to internet disconnecting during the upgrade, Mac turning OFF due to no power supply, insufficient storage or memory can cause the Mojave upgrade process to fail. This may result in your drives becoming inaccessible and lead to data loss.
  • After the Mojave upgrade, if for some reason you have a system that is not working, you may have to reinstall the OS and reformat all your drives. In this case, all data on your system is lost. This can lead to catastrophic consequences if your data was not backed up on Time Machine or an external drive

Hence, in order to avoid this problem, a recommended measure before you upgrade your Mac OS is to back up all files on your hard drive.

Recover lost data after a failed Mojave upgrade

If you have encountered data loss after an upgrade to Mojave, then you’re probably having a hard time dealing with the consequences. But not anymore, because we’re going to help you recover all your data using a tool called Yodot hard drive recovery software.

Yodot hard drive recovery is the best choice for this purpose as it is specially designed to recover data lost after Mac OS upgrade or after an OS reinstallation. All your data in original form along with folder and file structure are recovered. Even your original file names will be maintained after the recovery process.

You can also use the tool in situations where the drive is corrupt or inaccessible to recover data. It is an all-in-one tool that can be used in a myriad of data loss situations. Download for free and try today!