Solve WEBM Video Not Playing in Browser or Media Player?

Fix WEBM videos

WEBM is a type of video format that is commonly used in web browsers like Firefox and Chrome and also in apps like Skype, YouTube, and Wikimedia. Although WEBM is a reliable video format, you may sometimes face difficulties while playing them in a media player or browser.

The reasons for WEBM not playing in a browser or media player can occur due to a number of reasons such as

  • Out-dated/corrupt browser
  • Incompatible codecs
  • Incomplete download or transfer of WEBM files
  • Corruption in WEBM files due to incorrect conversion or compression techniques

How to resolve ‘WEBM files not playing in browser or media player’?

Solution 1: Use the correct codecs and filters

In order to play any video file, the right codecs and filters are necessary. So, if you don’t have the appropriate codecs/filters, WEBM files cannot be played.

For instance, if you want to play WEBM files in Windows, you will need a filter called DirectShow filter. Once you install the filter, all apps that use Direct Show filters will be able to play WEBM files.

Solution 2: Download the video file again

Loss of internet connection, slow internet, or server issues may result in the incomplete download or incomplete transfer of the WEBM file. In such cases, you may not be able to play the WEBM file on your computer.

To solve this problem, download the file again and try playing it on your computer. If the reason was due to an incomplete download, re-downloading will most likely solve your problem.

Solution 3: Get an updated version web browser

Sometimes, it may happen that an outdated browser is causing problems and making the WEBM file unplayable. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox or Explorer, just ensure that you have the latest version that is designed to support the playback of WEBM files.

Solution 4: Delete cache and temporary files

Common issues like videos not playing or long buffering time can often be fixed by deleting cache and other temporary files. To clear temporary files, click the Start menu and type ‘disk cleanup’. In the Disk Cleanup window, select the option ‘Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files’ in the Settings tab. Now you can select the files to delete if you wish and complete the cleanup process.

To clear the cache, click Windows + R keys to open Run. In the Run window, type ‘WSReset’ and click Ok. By running this command, your cache will be automatically cleared. Now check if you are able to play WEBM files. If not, proceed to the next step.

Solution 5: Repair corrupt WEBM files

If none of the above solutions help you, then it is possible that the WEBM video file is corrupt. In that case, corruption can be repaired using third-party tools that work with WEBM files.

Repair MP4 and AVI files

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