Solved – Photos in the iPhoto Library not Showing Up when I Launch iPhoto Application

No doubt iPhoto provides great benefits for organizing and editing pictures, however, it can sometimes pose problems. When iPhoto app is launched, you may not see any photos or encounter errors such as

  • Cannot find your iPhoto Library file
  • iPhoto is having trouble finding your collection

What are the reasons for the error?

An iPhoto upgrade is one of the most common reasons for photos not showing up in iPhotos. Some others also complain that they lose photos when transferring them from iPhones to Mac. This may be due to a problem with the syncing process.

Whatever the reason is, this article provides some solutions to find your missing photos.

Solution 1: Look in the Trash

It is possible that your iPhoto Library file may have been deleted. So, look in the Trash. These library files are usually large, so you can find it easily by sorting. If you find it here, replace the file to the original location Users > Pictures. This will help iPhoto app locate the file and display its contents for you.

Solution 2: Use the Find feature

Open Finder in the dock and click on Command + F to open Find. Find is like a Search feature that allows you to look for files and folders.

Now you will have to narrow down your search by changing the search criteria.

  • In the drop-down labeled ‘Kind’, change it to ‘file size’.
  • Change the drop down from ‘Equals’ to ‘Greater than’ and enter 7 or 8 in the square section to set the size
  • Then change ‘KB’ to ‘GB’

These search criteria will narrow down your search and list only handful files. From this list, you can identify the library file and also note the location. If you find the file using this method, replace it back to the original location Users > Pictures and help iPhoto locate the file.

If you don’t find the library file using the methods described above, it is probably permanently deleted. You will have to resort to data recovery tools in this case. Yodot Photo Recovery is a great tool to recover photos in the iPhoto Library. It performs a deep scan of the drive to recover missing files. It works on a read-only function, so the originality of the file is maintained.

There may be situations where some photos are missing from iPhoto library. Yodot Photo Recovery can be used even in these cases.

All kinds of media files such as audio and video can also be recovered; it’s not just limited to photos. A wide variety of formats of these files are supported. Some of the supported formats include .JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP and RAW images for pictures. MP3, MP4 for audio and MOV, MP4, AVI etc. for videos.

The software can also be used to recover files from other storage devices such as USB’s, external hard drive etc.

Al latest versions of Mac OS including El Capitan, Yosemite, Sierra etc. are supported.