What to Do When Outlook Cannot Open the PST File Even After Repair?

Normally, Outlook issues like trouble sending emails, Outlook freezing or hanging frequently and various error codes/messages are common. These issues are most likely a result of corruption in Outlook data files called PST.

Outlook Scanpst

In order to repair this PST file, there are a number of solutions like compacting the file or using built-in tools like Scanpst. Compacting the PST file helps in cases when corruption in the file is caused due to its large size. But a downside to this tool is that it cannot repair corruption if it is caused by reasons other than size.

The next best solution to repair corrupt PST files is the built-in tool called Scanpst.exe. Scanpst is a reliable tool to repair most types of corruption issues. It can solve corruption in headers and rebuilds the file structure. It also deletes invalid indices to re-index and fix the PST file.

Scanpst Select PST file

Although Scanpst offers a great way to fix PST files, there are some disadvantages to using this tool such as it cannot

  • Cannot repair PST files of over 3GB in size
  • Cannot repair all issues in the PST file

So, if your PST file is too large or severely corrupted, it cannot be repaired by Scanpst. And in that case, Outlook cannot open the PST file even after repair. In order to overcome this problem, you can use dedicated PST repair tools like Yodot Outlook Repair (PST).

About Yodot Outlook Repair (PST)

Yodot PST Repair is a tool that is specially designed to repair all types of corruption issues ranging from simple to most complex. It can even repair files that were unable to be fixed by Scanpst.exe. Using this tool, you can repair PST files created on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Yodot Outlook PST Repair

Once the file is repaired, all you have to do is import the repaired PST file to Outlook in order to access all your Outlook data like emails, contacts, calendars, appointments, notes, journals and tasks.

The advantage of using Yodot PST Repair is that it works on a read-only concept; there is no risk of losing your Outlook data with this tool. Meaning, it extracts contents from your PST file, repairs errors and re-creates a healthy PST file.

How to repair PST files using Yodot PST Repair?

With tools like Scanpst, you will need to know the location of the PST file to repair. However, with Yodot PST Repair, the software is capable of identifying the file to repair automatically.

So, all you have to do is download Yodot PST Repair on your computer. Then select the PST file to repair (if you know the location), else the software will find it automatically. Then click Repair for your PST file to be repaired. Your file will be repaired in minutes and you can access all your Outlook data like it was originally. This software is available for a free trial, so download now and try it for free!