Memory Card Not Formatted Error

With the popularity of digital cameras and camcorders, usage of memory cards has been increased massively. It is needless to say that the data present in the memory card are valuable, and need to be handled carefully.

And, we all know that memory cards are initially formatted to enable its usage. But incorrect formatting or formatting not performed in accordance with memory card file system can get users into serious problems such as memory card error.

Memory card not formatted error without a doubt is the most frustrating aspects of owning precious memories. Whether you happen to be an amateur or a professional photographer, card format errors have the knock-on effect on your worth keeping memories.

However, an example of formatting errors is “memory card not formatted format now", “memory card not formatted error”, “memory card error needs to be formatted”, "you need to format the disk", "disk not formatted" etc. can happen to memory cards unexpectedly and prevent you from accessing the data.

To be particular, these memory card format errors appear when you connect your card to the computer, which fails to read the card. In such situation, if you click Yes to format the card, the entire data will go off the records, whereas if you select No then it does not let you access pictures, leaving you disheartened and worried.

This memory card not formatted error usually occurs if your memory card is corrupted. On this page, a step-by-step procedure is given to show you how to fix memory card not formatted error without losing data.

How to Fix memory card not formatted error?

Solution 1: Repair the Memory Card

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Step 2: Type chkdsk X: /r (replace X with the drive letter of your memory card) and press Enter key.

Note: Before you try to repair the memory card to fix not formatted error, scan the card using an effective antivirus program.

Solution 2: Recover Data from Memory Card

If you cannot fix the memory card not formatted error using solution 1, then you should recover your data from the memory card if you have important files saved on it and then format the card to fix the issue.

And, to recover files from memory card after not formatted error you can make use of a trustworthy tool like Picture Recovery. This software safely retrieves data stored on your memory card even after it has been formatted. Using this software, you can retrieve photos, videos, music and other files from memory card after any kind of data loss situation. In addition, it’s pleasing and easy to navigate interface gives an added advantage. After recovery process, you can preview all media files recovered by this tool.

Caution: In case, files stored on the memory card are very important for you then try the second solution directly skipping the first one.

How to Recover Data from Memory Card Shows Not Formatted Error?

Step 1: Connect your memory card that shows not formatted error to the computer with the help of a card reader. Launch Yodot Photo Recovery software.

Step 2: On the main screen select, Lost Photo Recovery option.

Lost Photo Recovery

Step 3: Select the drive that represents your memory card and click on Next button.

Select Memory Card

Step 4: The software displays all the files from the selected memory card.

Shows Recovered Files from Memory Card

Step 5: Mark files which you want to recover and browse for the desired location to Save your recovered files. You can also Preview media files to check the efficiency of the software.

Save Files

Causes for Memory Card Not Formatted Error:

Avoid these practices to prevent memory card not formatted error to appear in future.

  • Capturing images using a camera that is running out of the battery
  • Taking off the memory card from camera or phone while the read or write process is still going on
  • Deleting, renaming, or editing the digital photos on the camera card while its contents are still being used on your computer
  • Using the same memory card in different cameras without actually formatting in the earlier one
  • Formatting memory card on computer rather than camera

Useful Tips

  • Never use your memory card on virus-infected computers
  • Always format the card in camera

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