How to Recover Cut Pictures from Memory Card?

“Hello guys, I have lost most precious photos from memory card while trying to move them to system drive using Cut-Paste options. It happened while selecting set of large photos files from memory card; I clicked on Cut option; then I opened target folder on system hard drive and clicked on Paste option. However, before photo file transfer could complete, there was a power surge that dismissed all activities on system. This has resulted in missing of those cut picture files on memory card. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these photos either on system hard drive or on memory card. How can I get back cut photos from memory card without any trouble? Kindly suggest your opinions for cut photos recovery.”

This kind of scenario can be seen among number of memory card users who unintentionally lose valuable pictures due to improper Cut-Paste operation. Cut and Paste options are used on set of files when these files need to be moved from one location to another on same storage device or to other storage device. Apparently, while moving photos from memory card using Cut and Paste options, one may lose picture files from card due to reasons as mentioned below:

  • Unsuccessful Cut-Paste operation as a result of sudden system shutdown or power outage will dismiss the process and may lead to missing of photos files being moved
  • Interruptions caused by forceful removal of memory card from system in midst of Cut-Pasting images can cause missing of those image files

Other than this, important pictures may go missing from memory card because of virus infection, memory card damage and accidental deletion. However, there is nothing to worry about lost Cut photos from memory card because image files are not lost forever. Lost photos will still reside in same location on memory card but they remain unseen or unread. So, if no new data is been added to memory card after failed Cut-Paste operation, then it is possible to recover cut photos from memory card within clicks using best card recovery utility.

Software to rescue cut pictures from memory card:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the effective tool to retrieve lost photos from memory card after using cut and paste options. This utility is capable of restoring generic photo files such as JPEG, TIF, GIFF, IMG, PNG, PSD, PIC and RAW images like CR2, PEF, SRF, NEF, DNG, MRW, RAF and many more. It effortlessly assists in recovering cut photos from SD card, SDHC, SDXC, mini SD, MicroSD, MMC, CF, XQD and other memory card types with ease. Its secure recovery algorithms can even rescue video files and audio tracks from memory card with utmost ease. Along with memory cards, this tool can even get back erased or lost media files from USB flash drive, external hard disk, internal hard drive, SSD and many more storage devices. This magnificent tool is compatible to work on desktops / laptops operating with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions. Users can employ Mac version of memory card recovery software i.e. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to accomplish cut photo recovery from various memory cards on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks machines.

Simple steps to retrieve memory card cut photos:

  • Connect your victim memory card from where photos are lost to a Windows computer
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software on this system and install it
  • Launch the tool and wait till main screen showing two options gets displayed
  • Here, click on “Lost Photo Recovery” option as you want to restore Cut photos that are missing from memory card
  • Then, select victim memory card that is connected externally to the system
  • Further, choose the image file types that needs to be rescued or else click on “Mark All” button
  • Proceeding next, software performs a secure scan of chosen card to restore missing picture files
  • When scanning process ends, view rescued images in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • View details of selected photo files using ‘Preview’ option
  • At last, save recovered pictures to desired target location on system drive and not on same memory card because it may lead to data overwriting


  • Avoid using Cut-Paste options, instead use Copy-Paste option to move important photos from memory card to any storage drive
  • Backup all essential photo files from memory card on other storage devices to minimize file loss scenarios