Deleted Music Recovery from SD Card

Phone SD Card RecoveryWe all know that Secure Digital (SD) memory cards come in the size of a thumbnail but offer huge data storage capacity. Many users especially music lovers make use of SD card to store their favorite songs on their mobile phones or MP3 players, so that they can listen to them whenever they want. However, like other data storage devices, SD cards can also become victim of accidental data deletion.

For example, let us assume a scenario where you have connected SD card to your computer to copy new songs from your computer to SD card. Soon after connecting, you selected the music files which you need to copy to SD card. When you pasted those audio files in SD card, you were presented with message “there is not enough space on F drive. You need additional MB space to copy these files”. Upon reading this message, you thought of deleting unwanted files to free SD card space for storing new files.

You searched for unwanted files and noticed that there are many redundant music files. Therefore you chose few songs by holding “Ctrl” button and then deleted them. After few minutes, you realized that you have mistakenly chosen precious music files which were of great importance and difficult to search over the internet. Under such circumstances, you may feel bad thinking that your favorite collections of songs are gone forever from SD card.

However, accidents happen often; but in many cases it is not you can overcome the problem. Various storage devices do not clear the data after deletion, so it is possible to recover deleted items with care using dedicated card recovery software. Though you cannot predict when the disaster of data loss encounters, you can certainly eliminate the possibility of music file loss from SD card. Awareness about the causes of music file deletion or loss can help you avoid file loss scenarios without great efforts. Below listed are some common reasons which are responsible for file loss from secure digital card.

  • Sometimes you may unintentionally delete music files from SD card while erasing unneeded data
  • Improperly Removing Secure Digital card from laptop or desktop while its content are still open might results in loss of music files from SD card
  • Forcefully adding music files to SD card when it is running out of the storage memory space
  • Other causes for data loss from SD card may include transfer error, listening to music while multimedia player’s battery is low, accidental formatting etc.

Music files recovery from SD card

As what you read above, you can recover deleted music from SD card by employing apt music file recovery software like Yodot Photo Recovery. It is outstanding tool to recover all multimedia files from Secure Digital card. This utility is proficient in tackling almost all possible causes of data loss and hence assists you in recovering maximum amount of data from SD card. One of the peculiar features of this software is that you can restore music files along with photos, videos and other documents which were saved on SD card. Furthermore, you may preview recovered music files or other media files to ensure successful recovery of the selected files.

Procedure for recovering music files from SD card:

  • First of all connect SD card to Windows computer with the help of adaptor
  • Wait till it gets detected; download the application by clicking on the link “Download now”
  • Run the utility and follow the on screen procedure
  • You will find two options on the main screen which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select first option i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” to move to next screen
  • Choose the drive that represents SD card and continue further by hitting on “Next”
  • The application now starts scanning the selected drive and then displays file types that needs to be recovered
  • Select file types and then go further to choose recovered files by using two view types which are “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview music file and at last save them in a location that you prefer on your system

Tips to protect data

  • Make sure that you transfer data occasionally from SD card to your computer hard drive or to an external storage device
  • To secure data on SD card, you need to plan for viruses by taking proper precautions such as running antivirus regularly when SD card is connected to PC
  • Perform proper ejection of SD card from computer while disconnecting

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