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How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Flash Card?

Flash cards are small external storage devices that are just like any other memory cards. These flash cards are made of flash memory and are mainly used in digital cameras for storing photos and other media files. Starting from mere 4GB, this external storage device can go up-to 128 GB as supported by the respective cameras.

As accidents do keep happening now and then, the user while accessing the photos or while transferring the pictures from camera to other storage media or as a result some unwanted human errors you end up losing all the image files. You have installed so many photo recovery applications and tried getting back those precious moments, but it didn’t help. The success ratio was zero as you could not recover even a single image file.

Your lost or deleted pictures couldn’t be retrieved easily. Well! There is no need to worry! Permanent loss of photos has not occurred. Only the links from the respective memory location is removed, so by using the advanced photo recovery tool, these lost image files can be restored within a minimum amount of time.

What are the scenarios that lead to loss or deletion of photos from flash card?

  • Transfer Error: There may be possibility that the user cancels the transfer process or the flash card gets abruptly removed which may cause loss of valuable image files
  • Human Error: One of the major reasons that cause loss of photos from flash card is human error. It takes place when the user accidentally formats the flash card, unintentionally deletes a file or folder etc
  • Hardware problem: Using the flash card on different computers for file sharing process can lead to loss of precious image files as the flash card gets corrupted due to over-usage
  • Virus Infection: Virus infection has an effect on loss of photos from flash card, as the malware damages file system of flash card and makes its photos inaccessible for the user

Can lost or deleted photos be restored from flash card?

Don’t think much about how to recover deleted items from PC effortlessly. Yodot Photo Recovery tool is the best non destructive and read only data recovery utility that can be used to restore important photos that are lost or deleted from flash card as a result the scenarios that are mentioned above. With the help of intensive scanning algorithms, this recovery application makes sure that the image files are retrieved to the respective destination location in minimum amount of time. Apart from recovering photos from flash card, you can also restore audio files, video files and other files from memory cards, hard drives, external hard drives and others on Windows OS. As the recovery process gets completed, the user can preview the pictures before saving them on the required available space.

Working of photo recovery software:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool to your computer
  • Now connect the flash card to the system where Yodot Card Recovery application is installed
  • Run the software and follow the instructions that are provided on the main screen
  • You will find two option namely “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo recovery”, select the desired ones which has resulted in loss of photos from flash card
  • In the next screen, all the drives that are present in your computer will be displayed
  • Select the drive that represents flash card and proceed further by clicking on “Next” button
  • This begins the scanning process, you can see the progress by looking at the progress bar
  • After the scanning process gets completed, the restored photos can be previewed before saving them on respective storage area

Helpful Tips:

  • Always make sure that flash card is not removed during the file transfer process
  • Prefer copy paste command than using cut paste options to transfer valuable photos
  • Avoid using flash card on multiple systems, as the antivirus application may scan and remove some of the important files along with the infected data

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