How to Restore Deleted Videos from Micro SD Card?

How to Retrieve Deleted Video Files from Micro SD Card?

Micro SD card is a kind of small flash memory card, which is mostly used in mobile phones. But with the improvement of its storage capacity and size, it has been used in many electronic gadgets such as GPS device, portable music player and other flash memory disk. The storage capacities of Micro SD are 256 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 64 GB. With the wide usage of Micro SD card, data loss problems has become more and more common in Micro SD card.

For some reasons, you have accidentally deleted precious videos from Micro SD card on mobile phone while accessing some other videos. Many users think that once videos are deleted from Micro SD card, they are lost forever but it’s really wrong assumption. When you delete videos or any files from Micro SD card, they will not get erased permanently rather each file’s index information will be removed from file index table on Micro SD card. Videos will be completed deleted only when their space on MicroSD card is overwritten with new data. Hence, there is a chance of recovering these videos using efficient card recovery utility before any new data is added to the card. However, let us elaborate on other reasons for deletion of video files from Micro SD card as given below:

  • Inadvertently deleting videos from Micros SD card while previewing or deleting unwanted videos
  • Video files might get deleted when you accidentally format the Micro SD memory card
  • There are chances of video deletion, when Micro SD card is infected by virus or malwares
  • Video files might get removed from Micro SD card due to sudden interruption in between file transfer process
  • Improper handling of Micro SD card like unplugging SD card during read or write process or when it is connected to computer can erase your videos stored in it

There are several other unpredictable reasons for loss of videos from Micro SD card. All this situations can be overcome using proper backup of deleted video files. If you don’t have backup of deleted videos or lost backup files, then don’t get panic. There are several card recovery utilities available, which are capable of retrieving erased videos and other missing data from Micro SD card. Yodot Photo recovery is one among them, which has capability to retrieve data from memory card at most of the severe data loss situation.

Salient features of Micro SD card recovery program:

Yodot Photo Recovery is one of the most trusted card recovery software used by most of the memory card users for retrieving deleted videos and other missing data from Micro SD cards. This recovery program is built with an excellent scanning algorithm, which scans every single block of Micro SD card and restored erased media files with few simple easy steps. With this powerful card recovery program, you can rescue any kind of files from SD card with high recovery rate and speed. This software can effectively recover deleted images, videos and audio files from Micro SD cards used on various digital gadgets. This card recovery tool supports SD cards and other memory cards with any storage capacity and class from popular brands such as Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, etc. You can use Mac version of photo recovery tool (i.e. Yodot Mac Photo recovery) to recover deleted videos and other media files from MicroSD card on Mac OS X systems.

Procedure to retrieve deleted videos from Micro SD card:

  • First download and install Yodot Photo recovery tool on your Windows system
  • Then connect Micro SD card to that computer through card reader
  • Start recovery program and follow the instructions present onscreen
  • In main screen, you can see two options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select the appropriate option depending upon data loss situation on Micro SD card
  • Software starts scanning your computer and displays all drives present on your system including Micro SD card
  • Choose Micro SD card drive and click on “Next” option
  • Recovery program will thoroughly check your Micro SD card and shows all retrieved data in either “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • You can view recovered media files using “Preview” option and finally save them to your preferred location (apart from the drive which you are recovering data)


  • Its good to have additional copy of your important data stored on some other reliable storage device
  • Avoid frequent usage of same Micro SD card on different storage devices
  • Avoid connecting your Micro SD card to virus contaminated system

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