How to Recover Data from Blackberry Memory Card?

“Please help me to retrieve accidentally erased files off my BlackBerry memory card. Those files are supposed to be transferred to my personal computer. But the process was not successful and before I release that, I have already deleted all of them by pressing delete option on the phone. Now I am wondering if there is any software which could help me in recovering deleted files from BlackBerry memory card.”

BlackBerry is a popular Smartphone manufactured by Research in Motion (RIM). BlackBerry device has the capability to store several types of data files. Whether it may be pictures, Word documents, videos, songs or other files; BlackBerry stores these data either on the internal memory or the removable memory card depending on user instructions. However these files can be lost or deleted due to various reasons.

Data loss sequences on BlackBerry memory card are listed below:

  • Accidental deletion of files from BlackBerry memory card
  • Virus infection on your BlackBerry memory card can delete your precious data saved on card
  • Abruptly removing memory card from BlackBerry cell phone can make you lose data
  • The entire data will be wiped out by resetting your BlackBerry phone to its factory settings
  • While transferring files to other device if any interruption occurs, then data might get lost
  • Data might get lost due to improper insertion or ejection of BlackBerry memory card

If you end up with these kinds of data loss sequence and looking for a way to recover files from BlackBerry memory card, then go for best card recovery software. If you want to successfully recover data from memory card, then stop using memory card or don’t add any new data to the card. When you add new data to the memory card, the previous files which you want to recover might get overwritten and you can’t retrieve them from BlackBerry memory card. Hence, its advised to use card recovery tool soon you lost your precious data.

Memory Card Recovery Software for BlackBerry:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the best professional card recovery software that has the ability to retrieve deleted and lost data from BlackBerry memory card on Windows computer. This card recovery utility is built with an advanced scanning technology to retrieve erased data from Blackberry memory card. It can retrieve lost files from all types of memory cards used on various cell phone brands such as Samsung, Nokia, Micromax, HTC, LG, Motorola, etc. It can retrieve all types of music files, video clips, picture and other documents from computer hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, memory stick, flash drive, etc. This card recovery software effectively works on Windows OS platform. If you are using Mac operating system, then you can use Mac version of photo recovery tool (i.e. Yodot Mac Photo recovery) to retrieve files from BlackBerry memory card.

Steps to regain deleted files from BlackBerry memory card:

  • First connect your BlackBerry memory card to your Windows computer
  • Then download and install Yodot Photo Recovery software to that computer
  • Start the recovery process by clicking on recovery tool icon and follow the instructions present onscreen
  • In main screen, you can see two options i.e. “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to retrieve deleted files from BlackBerry memory card
  • Software scans the entire computer and shows all drives present in system, including your BlackBerry memory card
  • Choose the drive from which you need to recover deleted files and click on “Next” option
  • Recovery application scans the selected memory card drive and displays recovered data either in “Data View” or “File Type View”
  • Finally, preview the rescued data from BlackBerry memory card and save it on your computer

Things to Remember:

  • Don’t use the same BlackBerry memory card on multiple devices
  • Try to avoid connecting your BlackBerry media card to virus contaminated systems
  • Have a proper backup of important files stored on your BlackBerry memory card