Recover Files from Corrupted SDHC Card

“Help I lost a picture folder from my Fujifilm’s SDHC card, the photos were of my brother’s wedding! Which I didn’t back up; I was able to view the pictures yesterday but today when I opened my SDHC card it was empty, my friend told me that such kind of things happen due to SDHC card corruption. I’ve heard that there are applications specially developed to counter this kind of problems, any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.”

Hey there, take it easy. What you have heard is definitely true; there are many recovery tools which claim that they recover data from corrupt SDHC card. But finding and choosing the right recovery product should be your first priority. Before that, let us get to know what SDHC cards are and the reason behind SDHC card corruption.

SDHC cards are memory cards, which are capable of storing data ranging from 4GB to 64 GB. These cards can be used to store huge number of pictures, music files, video files and you can transfer them with reliable speed. SDHC cards are considered reliable and a safe storage media to store important files. Even though these cards have many benefits when compared to other memory cards, you cannot depend upon them as they are highly prone to corruption and file loss.

Once a SDHC card gets corrupt, it starts displaying many error messages such as “Memory Card Error” and “SDHC card not formatted” etc due to which you won’t be allowed to access your important pictures or other media data. So in such situations you need to take help of right card recovery software to overcome these SDHC card errors and retrieve data from corrupt SDHC card.

Possible reasons accountable for corruption of SDHC cards are:

  • Abrupt Removal of SDHC Card: SDHC card gets severely corrupt or damaged, if you remove or disconnect your SDHC card during read-write or copying process
  • Malware Infection: Deadly virus or malwares are main reason behind SDHC card corruption; usually deadly virus infects your SDHC card when it is connected to virus infected computers
  • Wrong Usage: Storing files SDHC card even after its memory is full, using the same SDHC card on multiple storage drives can also corrupt SDHC card
  • Other Reasons: Other reasons for SDHC card corruption includes SDHC card errors, file transfer interruptions, firmware issue on camera, etc.

Card recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is renowned media card recovery software that helps you recover data from corrupt SDHC card. The software easily retrieves photos, videos and songs from corrupted, formatted, damaged and inaccessible SDHC card. Apart from SDHC, the application can retrieve data from other memory card types used in various DSLR cameras, camcorders, cell phones, etc. Using this card recovery tool, users can get back their media files from iPods, flash drives, internal and external hard drives on Windows computer/laptop.

How to use the software?

  • Attach your corrupt SDHC card to a healthy computer via card reader or USB cable
  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery and install the application to your Windows desktop / laptop
  • Open the application and follow the on screen procedure
  • Click on “Lost Photo Recovery” option to recover your data from corrupted SDHC card
  • The application scans your computer and shows all the internal and connected drives
  • Choose the drive that indicates your SDHC card and click “Next”
  • The application repeats the scanning process and shows both the deleted / lost files in 2 views, “Data View” and “File Type View”. Data view displays recovered files in hierarchal format and file type view displays files based on their file extension
  • Select the media files which you would like to obtain back and preview them before saving
  • At last, save the rescued files to your desired location such as internal hard disk, pen drive, CDs, DVDs, external hard disk etc.


  • Do not save the rescued files back to the same SDHC card
  • Before deleting any file make sure about your action and selection
  • Regularly backup your important SDHC card data to your Windows computer
  • Stop using your SDHC card after its memory is full

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