Retrieve Data From Dane-Elec SDHC 16GB Class 4 Card

“Hi all, I am in trouble and posting here in hope of my problem getting solved here. I had connected my Dane-Elec SDHC 16GB Class 4 card to my computer for viewing and saving data in the card. But as I had got some emergency work, I thought of copying the data later and ejected the card. After clicking the option, I realized that I had chosen “Format” option instead of “Eject”. Entire data from Dane-Elec SDHC card are gone now. What can I do now to get my data back?” This may be the case with anyone. Do not worry in such cases; you can restore data from Dane-Elec SDHC card using card recovery software till you have not used the card to save new data in it. If once lost data is overwritten, there are no chances of recovery.

Anyone would not like to lose their precious data from memory cards. If it is lost from Dane-Elec SDHC card then it is really hard to digest the loss of data. Dane-Elec comes with lots of good features like; it has 4MB/s minimum write speed, can withstand the most extreme conditions and is compatible with both Mac and Windows. You may lose data sometimes from Dane-Elec SDHC card like any other card. Few scenarios of data loss are as given below. Avoid them as much as possible and save your time of recovering them.

Scenarios in which data is lost from Dane-Elec SDHC 16GB Class 4 Card:

  • Dane-Elec SDHC card may display format error due to card corruption then, you will not be able to open it and lose entire data in it
  • If you turn off camera right after capturing photos or shooting video without giving a few seconds for data to be written to the memory then you will lose the data
  • Virus infection to the files on Dane-Elec Class 4 card results in loss of data from it. Therefore you should beware to avoid such virus invasions on card
  • You may delete data from Dane-Elec card intentionally or unintentionally

There are many situations similar to the above given ones where in you lose data from Dane-Elec SDHC card. Yodot Photo Recovery software helps you to restore data from Dane-Elec SDHC card.

Features of card recovery software:

You can get data from Dane-Elec SDHC 16GB Class 4 card using the best card recovery software, i.e. Yodot Photo Recovery. The utility helps you to retrieve either deleted or lost data from Dane-Elec SDHC card. This tool can be used to get back either deleted or lost files from the card after any scenario. You can restore data from Dane-Elec cards with different specifications. The recovery program supports data retrieval from memory cards of various brands on you PC. It supports restoration of various media file types like photos, videos, audios, etc. from Dane-Elec. There is a different build of the recovery software available for Mac users.

Procedure to recover data from Dane-Elec SDHC 16GB Class 4 Card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software on Windows computer
  • Install it and launch on the system. Then connect Dane-Elec SDHC 16GB Class 4 card to the computer
  • From main screen of software, select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” as per loss scenario faced by you
  • Then select icon of Dane-Elec SDHC Class 4 card and click on “Next”
  • Select file types that you are looking for from the list of different file types present on software wizard and click on “Next” or select “Skip” option to recover data of all file types
  • The program starts scanning Dane-Elec Class 4 SDHC card and lists out the result in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Select a picture and click on “Preview” option to preview it. Then select “Save” option to save them on computer drive

Quick Tips:

  • Count till 5 before turning off camera after using it and avoid data loss due to failure of read data being written to Dane-Elec card memory
  • Turn off the camera before removing Dane-Elec SDHC card from it

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