Restore Data from EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card

The EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card has been specially introduced to extend the storage capacity of digital camera, mobile phones, MP3 players, PDA’s, MP6 player and so on. It provides an excellent experience by facilitating large storage capacity and faster access speed. You will be able to store huge amount of data especially media files such as photos, videos and music files. It is very easy to use and backed up with lifetime warranty. Although, outstanding features will make this card an optimal choice for users, it does not safeguard your files and makes you to lose them.

To elaborate about data loss from EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card, let us consider a situation wherein you have connected EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card to your Windows computer to transfer and edit photos present in it. However, before you could transfer those files, your system got shut down due to power outage. Later, when you have switched on your computer to resume photo file transfer process, you were surprised because EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card which had 256MB of data was displaying a message that the folder is empty. Such situation may make you to think what could cause it to display empty folder error even though several files are stored upon it.

Well, nothing will happen to media files stored on EDGE 256MB Compact Flash card unless and until you only delete files from it or any operation which you are processing is interrupted by power failure as it happened in above case. Apart from this, you may also lose data from EDGE 256MB CF card due to following circumstances:

  • Abrupt Removal: Improperly removing EDGE 256MB Compact Flash memory card from your computer without clicking on appropriate option might damage its file system and makes entire data inaccessible
  • Virus Attacks: Giving access to save downloaded files to EDGE 256MB Compact Flash card could be dangerous as downloaded files may contain viruses which could  delete few or complete media files from it
  • Formatting: When you unknowingly format EDGE 256MB Compact Flash card, entire data will be formatted within a second and leaves only free space

Since EDGE 256MB Compact Flash card holds only 256MB of data, you can easily transfer data as it does not take more time to backup less data. But some users always ignore to backup data and face trouble after they lose valuable media files due to any of the above listed reason. Under such circumstances, don’t lose hope and search for better way to restore precious data from EDGE 256MB Compact Flash card.

EDGE Compact Flash card recovery tool:

You need not think about lost data from EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card as long as Yodot Photo Recovery software is there for you. This application is regarded as the perfect tool to restore your data from EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card. It is incorporated with understandable graphical user interface which details each and every step in a simple way. You will be presented with every folder which you have lost and upon selecting the folder you can regain entire data from it. This software even helps you to recover photos from corrupted compact flash card, formatted or unreadable CF cards; it also gives you an option to save them in desired location. In addition to this, you will be facilitated to download demo version of this CF card data recovery software to check about software working and get idea on how to regain files from EDGE 256MB Compact Flash memory card on both Windows and Mac computers.

Easy procedure to restore data from EDGE 256MB CF Card:

  • Download Yodot Photo Recovery software by clicking on “Download now” option provided above
  • Run the software and go as per the instructions given on the screen
  • As soon as you run the software, you will find two options which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • You are advised to select the drive based on file loss instance you have come across
  • You will now get a window with all the drives available to recover
  • Hit on the check box beside the drive to select EDGE 256MB Compact Flash card and then wait to scan it by hitting on “Next” option
  • Go further and pick required files using “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • View recovered media files by just clicking on “Preview” option
  • Finally save restored media files to any location you prefer on your system

Points to avoid data loss:

  • Never rush to remove EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card from computer; instead press upon “Eject” option to safely remove it
  • Scan EDGE 256MB Compact Flash Memory Card with antivirus software before opening to find files present in on your computer

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