Extract Data from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB Card

“I had been using my EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card in my Canon camera to store all the pictures as well as video recordings. Yesterday I was previewing some recorded videos in my Canon camera when all of sudden it turned off as the battery had drained out. So I plugged it to a charger and restarted it, to my surprise I was unable to get access to the files that were saved in EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card. I tried using it on my system, but it was of no use. Can anyone tell me what the reason behind the issue is and how to fix it. Thanks”.

EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card is one among the widely used storage devices. These MicroSDXC cards can be used on cameras, camcorders and systems as they provide easy access to the information stored. EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB cards provide high speed data transfer rate with read speed of 80MB/s and write speed up-to 45MB/s. While accessing data from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card, there are certain instances that take place resulting in loss of data from the storage media. Take a note at some scenarios that result in deletion or missing of files from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card:

  • Unintentional formatting of EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card clears out entire set of files and folders saved on it
  • Use of Restore Settings option when EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card is still present in camera or camcorder leads to loss of valuable data
  • At times file system of EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card may get corrupted due to malware or mishandling of card, blocking access to data saved in it
  • Abrupt removal of EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card while transferring files from it to computer or other external drive by using Cut Paste process

As the above mentioned scenarios are bound to occur, user must secure data present in EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card on system or other storage devices such that it can be retrieved easily on occurrence of any data loss issues. If you have not maintained data backup and are in search of best MicroSDXC card recovery tool, then you are at the right place.

EMTEC card data recovery software

Yodot Photo Recovery is competent tool used for recovering media files and other information from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card is Yodot Photo Recovery. This is a professionally designed application to provide assistance to get back RAW images, video clips, audio recordings and other documents from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card. As this is read only software that makes no changes to original file contents stored in EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card. Including EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card, it can also rescue data from Samsung 64GB Extreme MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS I card, Phillips MicroSDXC card, TwinMOS Class 10 SDXC card, SanDisk Extreme SDXC card, Kingston SDXC card and from other MicroSDXC cards in a minimum duration of time. For Mac users, they can make use of Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool for restoring media files from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card on different Mac versions of OS like Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Mavericks.

Guidelines to recover files from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery application by logging in as local system admin
  • Connect EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card to the system from where data has been lost
  • Launch the program and from main screen click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ option based on data loss issues
  • After clicking on desired option, move to next window to select EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card
  • From next window mark type of files that were deleted or lost from EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card
  • Start recovery of files by clicking on ‘Next’ button
  • As soon as scanning of EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card gets completed, rescued files are listed in ‘Data View’ or ‘File Type View’
  • User can view the list of restored data and saved it on preferred storage media as available to host system user

Helpful Suggestions:

  • Follow proper procedure while removing EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card from system or from digital gadget
  • Always scan your EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card before using it on PC
  • Keep a separate set of files present in EMTEC MicroSDXC 64GB card as a backup to overcome abrupt file loss

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