Restore Songs from Formatted Memory Card

“Today, while moving certain music files from my friend’s phone onto my mobile phone’s memory card through Bluetooth the process got dismissed saying insufficient memory. Memory card on my phone had lot of free space to save new files and yet I got this message. So, I removed the card and connected directly onto my friend’s mobile, which completely corrupted it. I had to format this memory card to bring back to its working state, which erased entire data saved in it. Now I am bothered about recently added music files on this memory card; is there any way to get them back? Please help.”

Formatting memory card will wipe all data saved in it to prepare the storage media for saving files by recreating same or new file system on it. However, as it erases all files like songs, pictures, etc., most of the users backup important files before formatting. But in certain unfriendly situations, one may forcefully format a memory card without any backup and lose valuable music files from it.

Situations rendering forceful formatting of memory card can be described as:

  • Making use of newly purchased memory card to save songs without formatting it before first time use can gradually bring forth format error
  • File system corruption on memory card due to malware or incorrect firmware of digital gadget can stop the card from working properly and block access to the music files saved in it
  • Improper usage of memory card like using it on multiple digital gadgets, saving new files when there is no sufficient free space on card or abrupt way of removing memory card during data read / write processes can sometimes cause severe damage to the card

After facing any of these instances, it is very common to intentionally format memory card in order to make it usable again. But this will fetch huge file loss including audio files if there is no backup of files from card. In such case, the only way to get hold of erased songs and other files from formatted memory card is to stop adding new data onto the card and employ reliable card recovery program like Yodot Photo Recovery.

Software to retrieve files from formatted memory card:

Make use of Yodot Photo Recovery tool to easily get back all music file types from formatted memory card on Windows system. It’s amazing scanning modules can restore music files like AMR, AIFF, WAV, MP3, MIDI, M4a, and other popular formats. This tool can rescue audios from formatted SD, CF, MMC, XQD, SM, memory stick, SDHC, micro SD, SDXC, xD Picture card and various flash storage media. In addition, it is capable of recovering raw pictures, text, Word documents, Excel sheets, PST file, PDF, Access files, Presentation files and more than 200 file types in couple of minutes. This tool is brilliant enough to get back media files from system hard drive, USB flash drive, portable hard disk, SSD and FireWire drive with no trouble. However, this version of software works on Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating computers. Moreover, this tool can try recovering deleted files from mobile phone memory unless it is a smartphone. Also, if you want to rescue formatted memory card files on Mac, then use Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool on Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard versions.

Simple steps to restore music files from formatted memory card:

  • Connect formatted memory card to your Mac / Windows computer and download appropriate software onto this system
  • Later run the installed program and wait for main screen to display
  • Here click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ option in order to retrieve erased music files
  • Next from the list of drives showing on-screen, select memory card that was formatted
  • Also, select music file types that you wish to restore or else simply ‘Skip’ the step
  • By clicking next, let the software to scan the memory card completely
  • When software is done with scanning, all restored music files recovered from card will get displayed in list
  • Have a look at rescued songs in ‘Data View’ / ‘File Type View’
  • Lastly, save retrieved files to new target location on host computer hard drive and not to same memory card

Useful Suggestions:

  • Avoid accidental formatting of memory card when connected to system
  • Regularly backup essential files from memory card to avoid any kind of file loss

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