Rescue Files from Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 Memory Card

“Assume situation wherein, you have connected Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card that has all your precious photos, songs, videos and other documents to Windows PC. But, that Fujifilm SDHC memory card was empty and showing its used storage space as 0 bytes in properties section. You were stunned by seeing this as complete data stored in 16GB Fujifilm SDHC card is at risk. To your bad luck you did not take a chance to backup data saved on this SDHC card data. In such moment, if you badly looking for appropriate way to retrieve data from Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card, then don’t to be sad! You will get accurate solution to restore data from Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 card in further section.

Even, in usages of high performance memory card like Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10, people may often experience scenario as presumed in above paragraph. In such circumstances, first users may start thinking about the reason for this kind of data loss and soon realize that some mistakes or implication make them to face this intolerable data crisis. Well, there are few other issues that lead to same, which are listed below.

  • Corruption of file system on Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 card because of severe virus intrusion, incorrect formatting, logical errors, etc can turn its status as RAW and make that card inaccessible
  • Accidental deletion of data or unplanned formatting of 16GB Fujifilm SDHC Class 10 memory card will erase data permanently
  • Attempting to store more data in Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card when there is no enough storage space; using it in incompatible devices or abruptly ejecting SDHC card might damage this Fujifilm SDHC card and make its data unreadable

Fujifilm SDHC memory card recovery tool:

One of the exceptional card recovery tools used to get back media files from Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card is Yodot Photo Recovery. This program is developed with advanced algorithms and powerful scanning technology to regain different types of pictures, audios, videos and RAW images from Fujifilm SDHC memory card on Windows OS based computers. Along with Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card, this utility can even recover data from Panasonic 8GB SDHC memory card, Philips SDHC memory card, Sony SDHC 16GB Class 10 memory card, Samsung 64GB SDHC Pro UHS-1 Class 10 memory card and other brands of SDHC cards. Furthermore, this application can even extract data from SD, SDXC, XD, CF, MMC, SM and other flash cards. This software is designed to work on Windows computers running with Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems. Also, Mac users can utilize Yodot Mac Photo Recovery tool to bring back files from Fujifilm SDHC card on Mac systems installed with OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks versions.

Steps to restore files from Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery program on Windows computer
  • Connect Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card to this system
  • On screen instructions will direct you to run and carry out media file recovery process
  • Main screen displays two options, which are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Choose either of options based on file loss situation from Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 memory card
  • In subsequent windows, you will find all drives associated with Windows PC;  select the one that symbolize Fujifilm 16GB SDHC flash card
  • Next, mark the file types that needs to be rescued from SDHC memory card; else click on “Mark All” option
  • Allow this application to scan Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 card to regain files from it
  • When scanning process finishes,you will find recovered files under “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • And at last, mark required files and browse for new storage location on Windows system hard drive to save those files

Key Notes:

  • Do not save new data on Fujifilm 16GB SDHC Class 10 card after losing data from it, as it causes data overwriting
  • Regularly backup essential files of 16GB Fujifilm SDHC flash card on system to overcome unforeseen data loss situations