Data Recovery from Kingston Memory Card

“I was capturing some pictures using my camera. I was new to the digital cameras and I did not know the options on camera. While using it, I selected “Delete All” option by mistake and ended up erasing all pictures from Kingston memory card used in my camera. What can I do now? Please help me to restore photos from Kingston memory card.”

Relax, you are not alone! In fact, many users who lose their precious files from Kingston memory card used in cameras, camcorders or other devices. But you can still retrieve files from Kingston memory card if you take quick actions. Kingston is an American based company that develops, manufactures and sells flash memory cards related to electronic devices like computers, cameras, phones, etc. Kingston has manufactured variety of memory cards including SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card, Micro SD card and so on. However, like any other flash card Kingston memory card is also not free from data loss problems. Common scenarios for losing or deleting media files from Kingston memory card are listed below:

  • Deleting files from memory card accidentally or with lack of attention while selecting files to delete
  • Formatting Kingston memory card without taking  backup of important files
  • Formatting Kingston card to free it from inaccessibility due to format errors and file system damage
  • Corruption of Kingston card on account of virus infection, improper handling etc.
  • Photos and videos captured from camera or camcorder when battery is low
  • unexpected interruptions while transferring files from Kingston memory card to computer or vice-versa

When photos, videos or music files are lost from Kingston memory card due to any of the above specified reasons and you find necessity to recover them, then you should select suitable memory card recovery software. Yodot Photo Recovery is one such reliable card software that is recommended by many users to safely rescue media files from memory card on Windows platform.

Helpful features of memory card recovery software:

Yodot Photo Recovery is best card recovery tool to retrieve deleted or lost media files from Kingston memory card. This utility can restore all types of photos, videos, audios and other files from Kingston as well as other brands of memory cards such as Sony, Lexar, SanDisk, etc. It is also possible to extract media files from iPods, system hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives and other storage drives by employing this card recovery tool. It works well on computers and laptops working on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Mac users can regain media files from Kingston memory card on their Macintosh system using Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software.

Simple procedure to retrieve data from Kingston memory card:

  • Download memory card recovery software and install it on your Windows computer
  • Connect Kingston memory card to the system and run the installed recovery program
  • Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” from main screen of software depending on data loss scenario
  • Select drive of Kingston memory card from next screen and click on “Next”
  • Choose file types that you want to restore from the list of recovered files and click on “Next”. Otherwise click on “Skip” option to retrieve all file types
  • Software scans Kingston memory card and displays the result in few minutes
  • You can view list of files and folders recovered from Kingston memory card in “Data View” and “File Type View”
  • Preview media files using “Preview” option and then save them to location you prefer on computer drive


  • Do not use Kingston memory card on different devices frequently
  • Always remove Kingston memory card after turning the device off
  • Keep the Kingston memory card in safe place to avoid physical damage